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WiFi Security Tips & Tricks

Best Tips for you to secure your Wi-Fi Network.

Prevent intruders from easily compromising your Wi-Fi network.

There can be many ways to prevent attacks.

One way is to make sure you have encryption enabled and use a strong WPA2 with a sophisticated password with both small letters, capital letters and characters.

Make sure you disable WPS WiFi Protected Setup features since the feature has been prone to multiple vulnerabilities.

Another good way is to lower your signal strength so it is only covering your premises.

This can prevent an intruder sitting outside in a car lot to get a good signal.

Wi-Fi Security Tips & Tricks


Wi-Fi Security Guidelines.

WiFi networks are getting more and more widespread. Nowadays, it is possible to find WiFi networks anywhere. It is therefore of utmost importance for users to focus their attention on the growing threat of hackers and crackers; these online outlaws must be taken very seriously.

Setting up encryption.

Often, when you get a new router or device with wi-fi, it has no password setup at all! It is recommended to always setup an encryption scheme in order to avoid getting hacked by any cyber terrorists..

Ten recommendations concerning safe use of wireless networks.

1.                  Always use encryption.
2.                  Set your SSID name to a sophisticated long name with numbers and letters or a non-dictionary term.
3.                  Do not broadcast your SSID (network name). Keep it hidden.
4.                  Use MAC filtering to access control connecting IPs.
5.                  Never use WEP encryption. Even WPA (TKIP) has been found to be vulnerable to attacks.
6.                  Always use WPA2 (AES) encryption or better encryption.
7.                  Set the auto change of the key to 1800 seconds (30 minutes).
8.                  Make sure the password is a non-dictionary term using a combination of at least ten letters and numbers.
9.                  Implement firewall protection from the wireless access point and to the network.
10.              Make sure the web interface on the wireless access point is firewalled and not accessible to intruders.

The Portable Penetrator: Wi-Fi Security Auditing.

With the Portable Penetrator, you can audit or crack WEP, WPA, and WPA2 wi-fi standards! It is a good way for you to use the Portable Penetrator software to audit your wi-fi networks as often as possible in order to make sure that no hackers or crackers can compromise or invade your system.



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