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Wi-Fi WEP Encryption Password Cracking Guide

You click the WiFi Scanning option in the Portable Penetrator Interface  wi-fi scanning and connect the 8 dBi antenna for best range.

If you don't have an extra strong 8 dBi or bigger WiFi antenna at hand, then you can join our Facebook or Linkedin groups and get one free from us to you as a special gift! You let it keep scanning until you see several WEP networks in the list.

It is important for you have a strong signal and looking out for the signal power of the network you want to crack. It is recommended for your equipment to set at least 15 or better signal strength to successfully crack the WEP network.

There are two techniques used for cracking.

Fragmentation (Fast Method)

This technique will sniff a special XOR packet from the target and use this packet to inject traffic.

This will cause a huge amount of traffic to immediately build, which lets it crack the target system very quickly. The only problem here is that this technique does not always work; it depends on how good the wi-fi equipment is.

IVS Bruteforce (ARP Injection) Technique

This technique almost always works, but it is slower.

It is recommended for users to employ this technique if the other technique fails.

It is best to use it against a connected user to the WEP network.

Doing so will flood his connection and make it generate traffic that can be easily cracked. If no users are connected, it will still work, but it tends to be slower. 

The next thing you must look for is whether or not there are users connected to the network.

Connected: If there are legitimate users connected to the Wi-Fi network, you should start with the fragmentation method first.

If it hasn't cracked the key within 10-15 minutes, then do the crack again and select the other technique. Target a user that is connected to it.

Not Connected: If no users are connected to the network, then do the same thing as above and start with the fragmentation technique first.

If the method has not cracked the network in 10-15 minutes, you can employ the other IVS technique next, which may run anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

If you have a hard time doing the WiFi password cracking recovery or any questions , you're always welcome to contact us or visit and click the Live Chat to chat with one of our technical staff at anytime you want.

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Find out how to secure your WiFi so it don't get compromised hacked.




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