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We value privacy highly by having backdoor free products and no data being collected.

Full High Powered 64 Bit Performance platforms supported.

No software installation required. Easily setup scanning schedule and get notified when new vulnerabilities are discovered on your IPs.

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We deliver the best IT Security products for Vulnerability Scanning & Vulnerability Assessment

  • Vulnerability Scanner

    Vulnerability Scanner

    • Low Entry Cost 219$ / 199€

    • Node Distributed Scanning

    • 19 Report Languages

    • No Data Collection Full Privacy

    • Advanced AI High Accuracy

    • Report Logo Branding

    • 12 Scanning Profiles



  • Vulnerability Scanning Appliance

    Next Gen Firewall

    • Block 21 Applications

    • No Backdoors - Privacy Menu

    • Wireguard High Speed VPN

    • 3 AV, Kaspersky, Eset, ClamAV

    • High Speed IPS/IDS

    • Block Ransom/Malware

    • Block 640 Million Toxic IPs


  • WPA Crack

    WiFi Pen Testing

    • Recover WiFi Password

    • WiFi Pen Testing

    • DoS Pen Testing

    • Report Logo Branding

    • No Data Collection Full Privacy

    • Offline Mode

    • WPA2 - WPA - WPS WiFi Keys


  • Web Vulnerability Scanner

    Web Scanner (SaaS)

    • Web Application Scanning

    • XSS Cross Site Scripting Scan

    • Blind SQL Injection Scan

    • Advanced AI Accuracy

    • Schedule Scanning

    • Intuitive GUI Interface

    • PDF, HTML Reporting



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    SecPoint® Protector™ - High Performance UTM VPN Firewall

    The Protector Best UTM Wireguard VPN Firewall offers powerful incoming & outgoing Network protection.

    • 64 Bit - High Performance architecture Virtual & Hardware appliances with SSD.
    • IPS - Secure your network and protect from incoming attacks with the powerful 64 bit Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) engine.
    • Firewall - Protect your entire network. Fully loaded with Mail logging on hard drive - easily store all incoming and outgoing mails
    • VPN - Wireguard VPN - IPsec LAN to LAN - Client to LAN
    • Anti Virus -  Multiple engines supported for best protection: Eset - Kaspersky - ClamAV
    • Anti Spam - Strongest updated engine with advanced settings, latest RBL for highest spam catch rate.
    • Mail Archive - with individual user login. Log all mails incoming & outgoing on the harddrive.
    • Web Filter - Block Social Media - Dangerous Sites - Time Based control - User & Group Control - Increase productivity.
    • Content Filter - Block Bittorrent, TOR, Proxies, Network games & other unwanted traffic.
    • Microsoft Active Directory & Ldap Integration.
    • Vulnerability Scanning - Discover Vulnerable systems across the Network.
    • High Availability for Maximum Security.

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    SecPoint® Penetrator™ - Vulnerability Assessment and Management Solution

    The Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner software & Appliance allows for powerful network auditing.

    • 64 Bit - Virtual ESXi, Hyper-V, VMware or Hardware Appliances.
    • Vulnerability Scanning & Vulnerability Assessment.
    • All data stored at customer site.
    • Multi User support.
    • PDF XML HTML reporting.
    • Report in multiple formats: Technical, Consultant, Executive.
    • Allows for Report and Interface re branding.
    • 9 Default Scanning Profiles - Customize your own profile.
    • DoS, DDoS, Exploits.
    • Distributed Scanning - Central Management of multiple Penetrator installations.
    • Scan local and public IPs.
    • No cost per scan only limited to concurrent scans.
      You can scan both local and public IP addresses with up to 9 different scanning profiles. The SecPoint IT Security products features: No backdoors - No information gathering.

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    Prevent hackers from attacking your server and network by using SecPoint Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner from SecPoint.

    We are a provider of IT security products for vulnerability scanning and assessment. Our most trusted product, the SecPoint Penetrator Vulnerability Suite, is available as a virtual software and as an appliance version.

    What Does the SecPoint Penetrator Do?

    The SecPoint Penetrator scans your internal and external IP addresses for vulnerabilities. The tool notifies you through email when new vulnerabilities are tracked. A detailed report that carries clear evidence of each new vulnerability and its corresponding solution is presented.

    Key Features of the SecPoint Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner

    The state-of-the-art tool is preloaded with the following features and is ready to go.

    • Equipped to scan for SQL Injection and Blind SQL Injection.
    • Cross Site Scripting (XSS).
    • Pen Testing.
    • Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment tool with ten vulnerability scanning profiles.
    • Supports multiple report languages such as English, Spanish, Korean, etc.
    • 10 Scan profiles support.
    • Professional PDF, XML or HTML reports can be produced.
    • PDF reports can be rebranded with your own logo and company name.
    • Automated scheduled scanning.
    • No data collection involved and free backdoor.
    • Handles RCE Command Execution.
    • Simple GUI interface.
    • Includes easy to use help desk and allows convenient ticket creation to manage the resolution of vulnerabilities.
    • Allows the launch for real exploits to check if an identified vulnerability is exploitable.
    • Accommodates the launch of real Denial of Service attacks to check the stability of test preproduction systems. 

    Important Benefits of SecPoint Penetrator

    • Easy to install: The tool works well with any operating system such as Linux, Windows, and MAC OS. It does not demand complex configuration for installation.
    • Easily Scalable: It can be scaled for network growth and IP addresses. It can be upgraded easily.
    • Simple and robust reporting: Reports can be customized in any format (XML, HTML, or PDF). The report presents the vulnerabilities as high risk, medium risk, or low risk. Each vulnerability is verified in detail, along with the solution. The report includes an executive summary for easy review and a conclusion that briefs the overall security level of the audited system. Graphical presentation of details allows easy understanding.
    • Allows distributed auditing: Distributed auditing, configuration, and reporting from a central point can be done by setting up multiple locations with SecPoint Penetrator and connecting them through a secure encrypted connection.
    • Unmatched professional support: We provide prompt replies for all support queries. Our response rate is one of the highest in the industry. We offer 24-hours support for the remote resolution of issues. You can follow your support tickets through the support center.
    • Comprehensive scanning: The Penetrator includes a comprehensive vulnerability database and advanced auditing techniques. It does not pose a limit on the amount of auditing or on the number of IP addresses.

    SecPoint Penetrator, with its advanced options, is easily one of the strongest vulnerability scanning tools in the industry.

    Stay Protected with SecPoint Penetrator

    Vulnerability management is a critical part of your IT security strategy. Optimize your system security plan with SecPoint Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner that allows you to stay ahead of your potential invaders. Visit our website to know more


    SecPoint® Portable Penetrator™ - WiFi Penetration Testing Password Recovery

    Recover WiFi WEP WPA WPA2 WPS Keys. Professional WiFi Penetration Testing software.

    WiFi Penetration Testing Software - Recover WPA WPA2 WPS WEP Keys, Denial of Service DoS.

    Portable Penetrator Ultimate WiFi Penetration Software. Carry out real WiFi attacks on your WiFi access points to discover vulnerabilities. Man in the Middle attacks, Connection handshake capture, Brute force and Denial of Service attacks.

    • WEP - WPS - WPA - WPA2 Password Recovery.
    • 32 Bit and 64 Bit supported.
    • Connection Handshake capture for online or offline key cracking.
    • 1.1 Billion entries word lists included.
    • WiFi DoS Penetration Testing.
    • 2.4 GHz - 5.8 GHz WiFi supported.
    • Easily connect with WiFi USB Adapters.
    • Run on your laptop for maximum mobility - Windows 10 / Mac OS X.
    • Deploy latest 7 techniques for WiFi Password recovery
    • Import / Export WPA WPA2 handshakes for password recovery.
    • More than 30 language specific word lists included.
    • Import your own Word List.
    • Discover hidden rogue WiFi Access Points
    • Customized PDF reports available with result.
    • Supported WiFi adapters from Alfa, TP-Link, Panda and more.

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    SecPoint® Cloud Penetrator™ - Web Vulnerability Scanner

    Scan your public IP addresses for vulnerabilities with the Cloud Penetrator Best Web Security scanner.

    Web Security Scanner - Find SQL Injection XSS, CSRF & popular vulnerabilities

    • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • Minimal Server impact during scan.
    • Choose between 9 scan profiles.
    • Scan Popular CMS: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal & others.
    • SQL Injection Crawler.
    • Cross Site Scripting XSS
    • Command Execution Vulnerabilities.
    • Information Leak Disclosure.
    • Automatic Scheduled Scans.
    • Automatic crawler find unknown vulnerabilities.
    • Customize scan to scan multiple Virtual Hosts.
    • Detailed statistics with time comparison.
    • Easily Download all your reports.
    • Multiple report formats Technical, Consultant or Executive.
    • Scan Firewalls, Mail Servers, Web Servers IoT, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.
    • User friendly Interface easy to use.

    Click for Cloud Penetrator™

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