SecPoint has the following Link Policy


Do no use false or misleading titles for your site during registration. Please be sure the title you register with SecPoint's directories corresponds to the content of your site.

2. Each website may only be placed in one directory - so choose it well.
3. The content of the page must correspond with category in which it is registered. If the content of the page does not correspond with the category, SecPoint's System Administrator may move the page to other category.
4. Sites that contain pornographic materials may not participate.
5. SecPoint reserves the right to remove any website from the directories.
6. SecPoint's directories are free services.

SecPoint directories does not assume any obligations, liabilities or guarantees to any site that participates.

8. SecPoint's directories technology is owned and copyrighted by SecPoint.
9. SecPoint's System Administrator has a right to delete a site from the database without prior notification in the event that the site owner violates the Policy.
10. From time to time SecPoint's policy will change and additions or deletions may be made.

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