SecPoint® Penetrator™ Vulnerability Scanner

Find your vulnerabilities automatically with the schedule scanning and get notified by email once new vulnerabilities are discovered.

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Powerful 64 Bit High Performance

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Google 2FA Two Factor Authentication.

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Cloud User Capability & Multiple User Login

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Full Privacy No Data Collection

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Onboard Firewall Module

Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing
Appliance Developed for Network Use.

  • Best Vulnerability Scanner
  • Ultimate Vulnerability Scanning
  • Penetrator Features List
  • Key Penetrator Information and Facts
  • Technical Information
  • Low entry cost from 219$ / 199 Euro
  • Web Application & Network Scanning
  • 1,400 Web Shells Detection
  • 120,000 Vulnerability Checks
  • Full Data Privacy Menu
  • Whitelabeling
  • All Data Stored at Customer Site
  • Advanced AI High Accuracy
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Reflected Cross Site Scripting
  • Report branding, Watermark, Logo, Company Name
  • Manged Service Provider (MSP)
  • Remote Code Execution (RCE)
  • 19 Vulnerability Scan Profiles
  • SQL Injection, Blind SQL Injection
  • User Friendly GUI 24/7 Fast Support
  • Concurrent IP Scan Licensing
  • 17 Report Languages
  • Autonomous Sonar Robot
  • WiFi Pen Testing with Reporting
  • Lethal Attack Technology
  • Virtual Appliance - VMware ESXi, Player, MS Hyper-V, Azure & Linux Images
  • SecPoint® RBL List
  • Blocks 640 Million Toxic IPs
  • Data Leak Detection
  • Information Disclosure
  • Find missing Security Headers
  • Find CMS Vulnerabilities
  • Find SCADA & IoT Vulnerabilities

Detailed Features

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Scanning Features

Multi User support allows for individual users. You can scan Local and Public IP addresses. You will get detailed reporting in PDF,HTML or XML.

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Clear Solutions

It contains clear solutions for the identified vulnerabilities after the vulnerability scanning finished.You can easily setup scheduling and get notification once new vulnerabilities gets discovered.

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You can deploy the Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner as a Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 R2 2.0,3.0 software Image. Deploy for Hyper-V 2008 or earlier versions also supported.

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Multiple Languages supported in reporting. The following languages are available: English, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish.

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Vulnerability Management

With Penetrator Vulnerability Scanning Appliance you can deploy it in your network and do Vulnerability Management. Best SSL Vulnerability Scanner.

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Ransomware Detection

Detect Ransomware throughout the network. Find out if you are vulnerable to popular vulnerabilities exploited by ransomware.

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Find SSL Vulnerabilities

Scan your Website for popular SSL Vulnerabilities including:

  • Heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160)
  • POODLE, SSL (CVE-2014-3566)
  • And many more


Fully Featured Vulnerability Management

In-depth on the SecPoint® Penetrator™ Vulnerability Management

The SecPoint® Penetrator™ is a vulnerability scanning device that simulates how a hacker could penetrate a given system (hence the term) and reports vulnerabilities, which should then help strengthen security measures against online outlaws, virtual villains, cyber criminals, techno terrorists, and other nefarious elements of the Worldwide Web at large.

The SecPoint® Penetrator™ is a vulnerability scanner, vulnerability management of great significance because it's actually capable of simulating cyber attacks against systems so that they are better prepared for anything a hacker might have under his sleeve, so to speak.

Frequently Asked Question

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