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SecPoint: List of Worldwide Partner Successes

Why should you choose to become a selected VAR or VAD with SecPoint®?

Maximize Profitability

  • SecPoint is a foremost expert in WiFi Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment Appliances, and UTM Firewall Solutions.
  • It has been highly rated, earning the top spot and 5-star reviews in both European and American testing magazines and labs.
  • Prestigious customer references, ranging from Military and Police to Government agencies, ISPs, and major corporations.
  • A competitive and flexible pricing structure, ensuring an edge over any competition.
  • Robust support mechanisms, offering both live and online technical assistance for VARs and VADs.
  • Tailored business development plans for individual needs.

Key Benefits of Success

  • Adopt a top-tier, winning mindset.
  • Seamlessly create your own trial keys.
  • Comprehensive sales training at no cost to enhance your sales process.
  • Access to sales leads and a spot on our website listing.
  • Exclusive promotional campaigns and additional incentives for each territory.
  • Essential marketing and sales tools, along with the capability to manage customer licenses.
  • Invitations to exclusive partner events.

Full Benefits for Partners

  • Exclusive Zoom Partner Trainings.
  • Option for NFR Full 3 Year Product Licenses.
  • Exclusive Access to the Partner VIP Lounge.
  • Guaranteed Lead and Sales Protection.
  • Official Partner Badge for Your Website.
  • Confidential Product Competitor Comparison Handbooks.
  • 24/7 Support Throughout Your Sales Cycle.

Worldwide Success and Growth

  • Join today to enjoy complete benefits.
  • Reach out to us on Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal or Skype.
  • 24/7 account manager support.
  • Access to our partner portal 24/7 for lead generation.
  • Enjoy 24/7 automatic trial and lead protection in our partner portal.

Personal Account Manager

Have your own dedicated account manager who responds promptly to your requests. Enjoy swift technical support and have your desired features considered for integration in future product versions.

By choosing one of the three exclusive SecPoint® tiers detailed below, you'll access benefits that enhance your IT success and strengthen our collaborative relationship. Understandably, as you invest more in SecPoint®—one of the fastest expanding IT security firms globally—the quality and value of the products and services you receive will grow.

Join us in shielding your company from the perils of the online world. Choose from one of the three SecPoint® partnership tiers: Authorized Partner, Business Partner, and Premium Partner.


SecPoint® Partnership Levels


Bronze - Silver Selected Value Added Reseller (VAR)

To become a SecPoint Authorized Partner, simply apply. This program is ideal for those keen to distribute SecPoint products without strict obligations. Key highlights include: ...

Gold - Platinum Authorized Selected Value Added Distributor (VAD)

To qualify for this esteemed designation, a substantial annual revenue is essential. The exact amount may vary by currency. Once you meet this criterion, simply fill out the registration form, accept the program agreement, and you're on board. In recognition of your partnership, SecPoint extends numerous benefits: ...

Empowering Our Partners for Greater Competitiveness & Profitability

At SecPoint, our mission is to empower our partners, including VARs & VADs, enhancing their competitiveness and profitability. Boost your business with top-tier Cyber Security solutions, SaaS, virtual, and hardware appliances. Join the wave of success by becoming a SecPoint VAR or VAD. Offer your clients the finest UTM Firewall Appliances and premier Vulnerability Scanning Products available." This version maintains the message but offers a more polished presentation. Let me know if you'd like further adjustments!