SecPoint Vision

Our passion for innovation, evolution, and progress is the very thing that keeps SecPoint ahead of the curve amidst the ever-worsening cyber security conditions and threats coming from online cyber terrorists black hat hackers and cyber hijackers. To always develop and improve our services throughout the years is the very quintessence of SecPoint's vision.

Moreover, we need to do so in order to cope with the Hydra-like nature of the Information Technology (IT) industry.

For Victor Christiansenn, SecPoint's Founder and Director of Sales, constant innovation is the focal point of everything the company has done and will ever do.

For the sake of achieving its goal of becoming the number one multinational IT security leader with the most innovative in the eyes of users and corporations everywhere, our company must forever strive to become the standard in web protection and online defence.

Gaining Insight of Our Customers' Needs

We here at SecPoint understand the value of heeding the desires and needs of our customers, which is exactly why security appliances like the SecPoint Protector, Penetrator, and Mobile Protector were made in the first place. Internet-savvy users are already aware of their computers' myriad of vulnerabilities and the ongoing threats of malware and exploits, so we listen to them regularly to get better insight on the kind of products they want in order to protect themselves from such online hazards.

Because companies and individuals are becoming more and more reliant on massive electronic networks like the information superhighway or internal company databases, the need to defend against volatile and mounting malware dangers will unavoidably increase. Therefore, SecPoint equally sees this issue as a chance to prosper and as a responsibility that we have to address for the sake of our clients and consumers.

Our Responsibility to Our Clients

Proactively providing timely update services and threat lifecycle management solutions that are incorporated within the network data stream via hardware-based security solutions is our foremost concern.

Our tireless evolution hinges upon how well we perform our sacred duty of supplying excellent IT protection and defence appliances to our clients.

The complete and continuing satisfaction of our consumer base indicates that SecPoint has achieved its vision for the future.

All the same, our extensive IT security services that offer firewall, intrusion prevention, content filtering, anti-virus, and anti-spam features; our comprehensive penetration analysis that offers vulnerability scanning, distributed scanning, exploit testing, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing; and portable penetration testing and wireless auditing for WPA and WPA2 encrypted networks all work hand-in-hand in helping SecPoint accomplish that end.