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SecPoint has focused on the cutting edge of IT Security since 1998.


Developing unique IT security products including:

SecPoint Facts:

Founder: Victor M. Christiansenn
Founded: 1998
Company: Privately held
Head quarter: Copenhagen, Denmark
Amount of products: 4
Amount of partners: 1400
Amount of Customers: 6.100

Get in contact:

Brian Thompson
Press contact
Mail: [email protected]
USA Toll Free: 1-855-489-3724
EU Toll Free: 44-808-101-2272
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You can contact SecPoint here for press related queries.


SecPoint Protector Appliance






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Download High Res IT Security Appliance pictures

If you need high resolution images of the Penetrator or Protector Appliance please click the Images below to download it.

Coming from the Press and need to get in contact with SecPoint please click to mail us.

Demo unit for review and testing

Would you like a demo unit of the Protector VPN Firewall for testing?

Or a Penetrator Vulnerability Scanning appliance or software?

Contact us to get more information about the different possibilities and options available for the press.

You can also signup for a Webex presentation and learn more about our different solutions.

Trial appliances / software is also available on request.

Please contact us with your requirement and we can help you as fast as possible.

Virtual appliances for Microsoft Hyper-V & VMware ESXi is also available.

Both for the Protector UTM Firewall and Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner.

Demo of WiFi Portable Penetrator Software

We also offer an evaluation kit for the WiFi Penetrator Scanner software.

The WiFi Portable Penetrator can run off your laptop in real or test environments.

To be able to perform the WiFi penetration testing you need to have the special WiFi USB Adapter.

The WiFi adapter is included in the evaluation kit.

The build in WiFi to your laptop will not work correctly for doing injection and monitor mode to capture packets.

So we provide a powerful adapter to solve those requirements in an easy way.

Demo of Cloud Web Security Scanner

Request a demo account on the Cloud Web Security Scanner to scan multiple of your Public IP Addresses / Web sites for vulnerabilities.

You have 9 profiles to choose from from web scans to normal scans to compliance scans.

This way you can carry out all the scans you need for the evaluation process.

Feel free to contact us for more information about evaluation press kits of our IT Security products.