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Invest in SecPoint IT Security Company and be part of our success! 

Why Invest in SecPoint?

By investing in SecPoint, you will share in our company's every victory and success. We offer a broad range of unique investment opportunities backed by our extensive information technology (IT) security experience and our arsenal of products, services, and innovations. An investment with us is an investment for the realization of the full potential of the Internet as a potent business tool.

What's more, the IT security business has already proven itself to be an enduring, long-term industry that will remain as long as the Internet, malware, and hackers exist. As such, it's a very sensible and dependable market for anyone to invest in.

 Security features.

SecPoint works with a growing number of partners, certified consultants, VARs, VADs worldwide. 

Our ambition is to have the best and most reliable partner channel.

Be part of the most innovative forward thinking with vision IT Sec Company.

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SecPoint is a leading innovate global Cyber Security Vendor with more than 1200 VARs and VADs.

SecPoint is the innovator and inventor of the SecPoint Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner & SecPoint Protector UTM Firewall.

SecPoint is a leader in new innovative software development. SecPoint offers the latest technology to the customers and the partners.

SecPoint is a first mover with new sophisticated technologies such as AI Machine Learning, Autonomous Scanning Technology, Latest Zero Days checks.

Who We're Looking For
We are looking for highly motivated individuals who want to become part of the future of Internet security and protection; people who want to do their share in saving the burgeoning e-commerce industry by helping us shield it from the multitude of security threats posed by online outlaws and cyber miscreants.

To receive more information about the wide range of exciting investment opportunities within our company, feel free to send an e-mail to our Investor Relations department through this address: [email protected]. We are more than willing to assist you in deciding about your investment.