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Sign Up as a SecPoint Value Added Reseller (VAR) or Value Added Distributor (VAD).

VIP Lounge Access with Lead Protection - VIP Lounge is the Ultimate sales tool for partners.
Generate Trial Keys - Allow your customers to download evaluation software.
Attractive Partner Discount - Get same discount on renewals
Partner Lead Protection - Get referrals and Lead Protection

5 Partner levels for your way to success

There are 5 levels in the SecPoint® Partner Program for 2017
Reseller, Integrator, Distributor, Sole Distributor and Franchise.

VIP Partner Portal

In the VIP Portal you can easily generate trial keys for new customer evalautions.

Download multiple Virtual Formats

VMware Player & Workstation.
VMware ESXi.
Linux ISO.

Increase your customer base

Website listing and lead generation.
Be listed on the SecPoint® website.
Receive leads from marketing campaigns.

Partner Certificate for your Website

Download Partner logo & sales materials for your website
The VIP portal gives access to multiple sales & marketing materials you can integrate on your own website.

Fast Account Manager Support

Connect with your account manager via Telegram, Signal or Whatsapp.
Get fast 24 hours support.

NFR Software & Appliance

Not only can you generate your own Trial keys you can get access to the NFR program
The NFR Program gives you special rates on full 3 Year licenses for own use.

Webinar and Certification trainings

Yourself and your team can become certified in the Penetrator and Protector products.
This is performaned by professional online certification process with examaniation test.
It is recommended to become certified for extra benefits.

24/7 Best Support

SecPoint offers the best 24 hour support including weekends.
Best and fastest Live Chat Support.
Ticket system with fast reply and you can follow your support status.
Remote Teamviewer assistance to fix complicated problems fast.