SecPoint Mission Statement

SecPoint intends to become not just one of the best security vendors globally, but the number one vendor there was, is, and forever will be.

Like many other Internet security firms in the market today, we want to become the most trusted, most reliable, and largest IT security provider in the world.

We can achieve this mission of ours by pre-emptively and effectively protecting computer systems and networks from known or newly discovered online global threats on a day-to-day basis.

Whoever you may be or whatever your situation is, SecPoint is here to protect and defend you against whatever hazard there is out there in the Internet.

Being the First, Best and most innovative

Being number one!

SecPoint has the goal to be the best and number #1.

We want to provide the customers the best high tech products with the latest technology before any competitors.

This can ensure the customers to have the best solutions always and be ahead of the game.

Our Targeted Customers

Our preliminary focus was to provide the highest quality IT security products. However, in lieu of corporations becoming increasingly virtual communities in their own right, our concentration shifted to a more all-encompassing approach.

As such, SecPoint presently has very clear and purposeful targets in its mission. We offer our services not only to conglomerates, but also to service providers, government agencies, home users, and even our partners and investors. They all trust our unequaled protection proficiency and have faith in our wide-ranging and established solutions to effectively prevent disruptions and block hacker attacks in every shape and form.

Our Extensive IT Security Services

In order to give our customers the best online protection and security auditing services possible for their businesses or homes, our award-winning Protector Appliance serves as a Unified Threat Management Appliance with the following security features:

•    Anti-Spam
•    Anti-Virus
•    Content Filter
•    Intrusion Prevention
•    Firewall

Moreover, we could also serve as our clients' best choice in Penetration Analysis and Vulnerability Appraisal by providing them with our celebrated Penetrator Appliance that features the subsequent benefits:

•    Penetration Testing
•    Vulnerability Assessment
•    Launch Real Exploits
•    Distributed Scanning
•    Vulnerability Scanning

Additionally, in order to become our consumers' preferred retailer when it comes to Portable Wireless Penetration Testing, we provide testing services for the following mobile networking categories:

•    Wireless Auditing
•    Audit WEP
•    WPA and WPA2 encrypted networks

Finally, in order to truly become the best IT Security Protection and Security Auditing Vendor on the planet, we also guarantee efficient service provision via our international distribution networks all over the world.