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Apply the free tools below to find vulnerabilities in your site and to secure it.

With the Cyber Security Hack Vulnerability Tool

You can see if your site leaks sensitive information.

This can be to cyber security systems.

This can be databases, usernames, passwords, confidential documents or other high value files.

Often sensitive information is laying without password protection or any kind of restrictions that allows the search engines to quickly index it.

Even when you remove it from your site there will be a cached version on the search engines.

All the Tools here , the NetBIOS Scanner, Port Scanner and Cyber Security Hack Database.

The Netbios share scanner can see if you have open shares without password protection

Having unprotected shared example on your laptop can be a risk if you enter a network and people can access your open shares without password protection.

The share scanner allows you to scan your local and public IP addresses for open shares and to secure your systems before you loose sensitive data from your computer.

The threaded Port scanner allows you to find open ports you are sharing to the internet

Find out if you have sensitive ports with open data being exposed to the Internet.

That can be a risk that allow remote attackers to attack your ports.

Audit your firewall setup and see if the firewall is doing a correct protection of your site.

You can scan public as well as local IP addresses with the tool.

The Penetrator & Portable Penetrator products includes the Port Scanner Netbios Scanner and Cyber Security Hack Database so you can easily scan your site for vulnerabilities.

Use the free tools to find open NetBIOS shares across your network. Use the Port scanner to identify open ports you might have locally and publicly to the internet.

With the Cyber Security Hack Database you can find out if your site is leaking sensitive information that has been indexed by search engines. 

Free Vulnerability Scan here

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Multi Threaded TCP Port Scanner 

NetBIOS Shares Scanner