SecPoint® Protector™ UTM Firewall VPN

With the Protector UTM VPN Firewall you can protect your entire networks with State of the art Next Generation Firewall, VPN with IPsec.

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High Powerful 64 Bit Multi Core architecture.

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Optimize and prioritize your traffic with the Bandwidth Management module.

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Web Proxy and Web Filtering.

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Best Anti Virus Scanning with multiple engines for most comprehensive scanning

Secure & Protect your Network from Remote and Local Attacks

  • Best #1 Firewall Cyber Security
  • Complete Network Protection
  • Strong UTM Firewall Applicance
  • Protector Features List
  • Key Protector UTM Firewall Features & Facts
  • Cost Effective UTM Appliance
  • Technical Information
  • Best UTM Firewall
  • No Data Collection Full Privacy
  • Block 640 million toxic IPs
  • MS Active Directory User Sync
  • Anti Spam User Quarantine
  • High Speed VPN
  • SecPoint® RBL List
  • Blocks Ransomware / Malware
  • User Friendly GUI Web Interface
  • 24/7 Fast Support, Ticket System
  • Multiple Anti Virus Engines
  • Block 23 Applications
  • High Availability
  • Block Web Shells

Detailed Features

Icon Email

Email Threat Protection

The Protector is a UTM solution with a multi-featured email threat protection. It can stop viruses, Trojans, Spyware and other Malware. Integrated with ESET & ClamAV Anti-Virus engines, SecPoint® provide best Virus Protection.

Icon Server

On Board Mail Server

IMAP / Webmail / POP3 support - Multi layer Email Protection. Protector Firewall includes Wireguard VPN with IPsec 0 3des-md5 and Client to LAN VPN with PPTP, L2TP IPsec.

Icon Anti Spam

Anti Spam

With Advanced Anti Spam you get state of the art with full scanning. You can easily release mails from quarantine, see the content of the mails.

Icon Eye

High Availability

Automatic heartbeat synchronization for High Availability.Connect more Protector units together for maximum stability and security.If one unit fails the other unit can automatically take over as master unit.

Icon Bug

Anti Virus

Multiple Anti Virus Scanning Vendors Running. Scan your mails with ESET and ClamAV.Get the best Ant Virus scanning for incoming and outgoing mail.

Icon Portal

Captive Portal

SecPoint® is working in partnership with WifiGem. With it, you can easily create your own Guest Network using one of the available network schemes, and use the Protector to filter and prioritize Internet traffic from devices connected to the WifiGem Captive Portal.


Cyber Security Solution Features The Best
Anti Spam with Less False Positives

Anti Spam

Anti-Spam Software

Anti Spam dedicated Appliance can prevent high load on your server. Whenever spam is spotted by the email reader anti-spam filter, it simply puts it in a special folder which the user can browse or ignore at his behest.

Anti Virus

Anti-Virus secure your network from virus

An anti-virus, the type of protective software could also be employed to thwart and eliminate spyware, adware, and practically any program that's viewed as a nuisance to the user's computing experience regardless if it's intentionally programmed to do so or not.


Protect your site from Ransomware

The best way to keep the files intact is to actually have a back-up in a completely separate system, such as an external hard drive, the one that is not connected to the Internet. Read more info

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