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Our mission is to be the number one choice, consistently delivering the best to our customers


Why Choose SecPoint?

SecPoint stands at the forefront of security solutions, consistently outpacing competitors in its market. Our primary commitment is to deliver exceptional, innovative IT security solutions to businesses with unparalleled ease. Both the Protector and Protector LIGHT have been enhanced, boasting more features, user-friendliness, and flexibility. It's no surprise that our customer base has seen a staggering 180% growth year after year.

Furthermore, we've crafted the Penetrator vulnerability scanner to identify and address security vulnerabilities throughout networks. It not only scans for existing threats but also proactively alerts users about emerging vulnerabilities. Designed with accessibility in mind, its user-friendly interface caters to both technical experts and those with less technical proficiency.

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Partnering with SecPoint

We're deeply rooted in the sales channel, boasting a robust and global network of dedicated distributors and resellers. At SecPoint, we prioritize empowering our partners. We provide comprehensive training sessions tailored for both sales and technical staff. This ensures that they're not only equipped to sell SecPoint solutions but can also seamlessly implement them for their customers, delivering the highest caliber of support.

Investing in the Future

Right from inception, SecPoint products have been engineered for longevity. Designed with forward-thinking hardware dimensions, they're geared to serve for many years. Our commitment doesn’t end at product delivery. We release database updates several times a day and roll out firmware updates monthly, ensuring that you always have access to the latest features. Our product development zeroes in on performance, security, and streamlined management. Furthermore, SecPoint's comprehensive security modules provide network administrators with invaluable tools for safeguarding and optimizing their networks. Entrust us with your security needs, and rest assured that your investment is protected in unmatched fashion.


History in the Making

SecPoint, founded in 1998 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a trailblazer in the cyber security realm. We proudly introduced groundbreaking products like the Penetrator, Protector UTM, Cloud Penetrator, and Portable Penetrator. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, with daily advancements across all products and fresh firmware updates rolled out monthly. As pioneers in cutting-edge cyber security solutions, we've been delivering unparalleled protection to customers worldwide.

Danish Cyber Security Company - Member of Dansk Industri and ITEK

SecPoint leads the cyber security sector, crafting solutions that consistently outperform competitors:

  • The Protector offers: High-Speed Firewall with UTM capability Premium Anti-Spam Multi-Engine Anti-Virus Web Filter High-Speed IPS with multi-core engine.
  • The Penetrator is equipped with: Vulnerability Management Security Assessment Penetration Testing Capability to audit any OS Distributed Audit Launching of real exploits and DoS attacks Report Branding Available as a portable unit or a standalone appliance.
  • The Portable Penetrator specializes in: Wireless WiFi security auditing for open, WEP, WPA, and WPA2 protected networks In addition to the features found in the Penetrator, such as Vulnerability Management, Security Assessment, Penetration Testing, and more.
  • With such innovative features, our products stand out as the gold standard in cyber security.
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5 Star Award Winning Products

The SecPoint Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner is a distinguished 5 star recipient, outclassing competitors across numerous categories.