Best Cyber Security

SecPoint® Portable Penetrator™ WiFi Pen Testing

Best WiFi Penetration Testing Software

  • No Data Collection Full Privacy
  • WPA, WPA2 & WPS Key Recovery
  • Professional PDF Reporting
  • Report branding, logo, watermark, company name
  • 19 Vulnerability Scanning Profiles

  • 108,000 Vulnerability Checks
  • 1,100 Web Shells Detection
  • Easy to Use GUI Interface
  • Full Data Privacy Menu
  • WiFi DoS Pen Testing


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It is capable of improving the security of business wireless networks

and devices, specifically for WiFi protection.

Best WiFi Security Testing & Vulnerability Scanning Cyber Security software.

The Portable Penetrator Best Suite for professional Cyber Security WiFi Pen Testing Software.

Like the standard Penetrator, is a penetration testing and vulnerability management appliance.

Developed specifically for WiFi network use easy 1 click

as soon as you get it. It is an effective & advanced security assessment

hardware solution that every WiFi network should have.



SecPoint® Portable Penetrator™ Video

wifi cracking

SecPoint® Portable Penetrator™ Software

WiFi Cracking Software

SecPoint® Theme

SecPoint® Cyber Security Theme Song

  • Made in Denmark - No data recorded. All your data at your site only. No Backdoors
  • Virtual software image for Windows 7 / 8 / 10 , Mac OS X or Linux
  • Best Cyber Security WiFi Pen Testing tools
  • Runs on VMware player, Fusion or other virtual compatible software
  • 64 bit High Performance
  • Password recovery for WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPS

  • More than 7 techniques to recover WiFi passwords
  • Easily export / import WPA/WPA2 connection handshake for password cracking process
  • 1.1 Billion word list entries included
  • 30 country language word lists included
  • Option to use your own word list
  • Easy to follow step by step WiFi Security guide to lock down your own WiFi
  • Change country and power limit of WiFi Adapter to fit your requirements
  • 2.4 GHz & 5.8 GHz WiFi Adapter support
  • Control WiFi MAC address
  • Find rogue WiFi Access Points

  • Find out if your WiFi is wide open to compromise
  • Up to 19 Scanning profiles to use
  • Schedule automated vulnerability scans
  • Easily keep track of vulnerability patching with Ticket system
  • DoS, Denial of Service profiles available
  • Support for most powerful WiFi USB adapters such as Alfa, Panda and others
  • High Speed Cracking support
  • Live chat 24/7 support
  • Easy to deploy to tech skills required
  • Make custom PDF reports with watermark, company name and logos
  • Best Professional WiFi Password Recovery Software

  • Crack your own WiFi
  • WPA Cracker
  • WPS Cracking
  • WPS Pass Recovery
  • WPA Cracker
  • WiFi Unlocker
  • WPS Crack
  • Real WEP Cracking
  • Best WiFi Cracking
  • WEP WPA WPA2 Recovery
  • Vulnerability Management
  • WPA Crack Solution
  • Portable Penetrator offers real WiFi cracking
  • Drop a WiFi Bomb, Crack Your WEP WPA, WPA2 encrypted networks

  • Find out if your WiFi networks are secure or if they have already been breached by attackers
  • Easy to install
  • Step by step. Easy WiFi network security guide step by step
  • Instructions to hack WiFi
  • Recover WiFi secret key
  • Split WiFi break wep wlan break WPA - WPA split hack WPA splitting WPS break
  • Instructions to split WPS WPA WPA2 break

  • Simple was splitting WPS saltine break WPA2 with WPS
  • WPS Pin Brute Force WiFi ensured setup - Remote ensured setup
  • Wireless Security Assessment Tool WPA Cracker
  • 60.000 Remote Unique Vulnerability tests
  • 8 dBi Powerfully WiFi Antenna included
  • No software installation is required; the SecPoint® Penetrator™ & Portable Penetrator™ are ready to run on any machine
  • Runs in web-based remote mode
  • Scans anything with an IP address that's running TCP/IP protocols
  • Discovery Mode automatically detects active IP addresses on your network
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet connectivity

  • Hardened Linux OS, Wireless Hack
  • CVE Mitre Compliance
  • Automatic SecPoint® Updates 4 times a day
  • Detailed fix information, which includes links to patches and software upgrades
  • Dynamic reporting capability with Executive Summary and a Technical Details Service that shows all the particulars of a given vulnerability
  • Sans top 20 scanning profile
  • WEP Cracking WPA Cracking WPA2 Cracking WPA Cracker
  • Secure your WiFi Wpa2 crack wepcrack wep cracker
  • Vulnerability Scanning Vulnerability Assessment
  • Cracking WiFi Securing WiFi
  • User friendly setup with easy to use GUI interface

Report Rebranding

Report Branding

  • Find out if your WiFi network is vulnerable to Wireless Hack
  • Break WEP, WPA, WPA2. Best Vulnerability Scanning
  • Recoup WPA2 WPA, WEP keys. Programmed WiFi Cracker
  • Recurrence extends: 802.11 a/b/g/n

  • Find shrouded SSIds, Vendors discreetly in aloof mode
  • 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz systems
  • Genuine WPA Cracking WPA2 Cracking. WPA break
  • VM Virtual Machine Support - Filter a remote system And see clients
  • Robotized SSID revelation. SEO Poison Code Scanner
  • WiFi Vulnerability Assessment - Wireless Vulnerability Assessment

  • Wordpress Vulnerability Scanning
  • WiFi password cracker WPA crack - WPScrack - WiFi Unlocker
  • WPA crack solution - Secure your network for WPA cracking
  • With Portable Penetrator you can find out if your WiFi networks
  • Wireless Security Assessment Tool


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Runs on Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 / Mac OS X

Powerful USB Plug N Play WiFi Adapter 1000 mW with 8 dBi antenna for best range.

Allows extended range options for even bigger antenna capability.

Find out if your WiFi network has already been compromised.

It contains clear solutions how to fully secure your WiFi network.

Personalize the PDF Reporting upload your own logo, name and watermark.

No backdoors in the software - No data gathering - All data at customer location.

Easily Recover WiFi Keys WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPS - WPA Cracker Software

Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Mac OS X support.

WiFi Security Software - Wireless Security Assessment Tool.

The Portable Penetrator you can recover WiFi Passwords WEP, WPA, WPA2, and WPS PINs.
Recover WiFi Passwords from Access Points for WEP WPA WPA2 WPS Encryption.

You can secure your WiFi network and make sure attackers can not break in with WPA Cracker software.
Most powerful user friendly WiFi Security Recovery Software & WPA Cracker Capability.

It provides professional PDF, HTML & XML reporting.

It allows for more than 10 languages in the reporting and custom name, logo, watermark to be added. 
WiFi WEP WPA WPA2 WPS Cracker Software

Keep programmers from entering your WiFi Networks by doing WPA Password Recovery!

WiFi Penetrator WPA Cracker will find your vulnerable WiFi Access Points.

Portable Penetrator also features Vulnerability Scanning.

Is your WiFi network secure?

With Portable Penetrator ultimate Wireless Password Breaker you can find out if your WiFi networks are wide open to attackers!

SecPoint® delivers the best WiFi auditing products with vulnerability scanning capability.

Joomla Security Scan, Joomla Vulnerability Checker, WPA Cracker.

Do genuine remote hack of your WiFi organize with a specific end goal to secure it.

Keep Hackers from entering your WiFi Networks and take touchy data!

Do genuine WPA Cracking - WiFi Password Cracking.

Most of the wireless vulnerabilities are in the 802.11 protocol.

The central hub like devices that allow wireless clients to connect to the network. Wireless clients have some vulnerabilities as well.

WPS Crack discovery in Vulnerable WiFi Access Points

Popular WiFi Encrypted routers where found vulnerable to a simple WPS Crack Brute Force attack.
This was caused due to a flaw in the prediction of the WPS PIN keys. Hackers with advanced WiFi Cracking Software could perform a real WPS Crack attack.

If the target router was vulnerable to the WPS Crack attack it would render the WPS Pin code to the hacker within hours.
Protect your network and WiFi access points from Black Hat Hackers with professional Portable Penetrator Software.

Portable Penetrator WPA Cracker Software

You can also deploy the Portable Penetrator WiFi Auditor as a MS Hyper-V or VMware ESX, Player edition.

More Key Features

Award Winning Portable Penetrator software to recover WiFi passwords.

This includes recovery of WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPS WiFi protected setup keys. You can run the software on Windows 10, 7, 8, Mac OS X or Linux.

You connect the powerfully USB antenna and start auditing for wireless networks. It can find hidden networks as well.

A user friendly interface allows for easy auditing. Portable Penetrator also comes with full penetration testing capabilities, vulnerability scanning and Vulnerability Assessment.

Thorough Strong & Powerful Vulnerability Scanner.

With its boundless powerlessness checking and appraisal database and use of refined inspecting procedures, the Portable Penetrator empowers you to dependably be one stage in front of even the most gifted and propelled programmers.

Both the quantity of IP locations you can check and the enormous measure of security filtering you can do with this gadget are boundless.

Hence, the versatile Penetrator is without a doubt the most grounded & most finish compact defenselessness scanner, evaluation arrangement in the business at this given time.



What WiFi antennas are used?

It comes with 2 external antennas for WiFi Auditing(included in the price).
A superb 2.4 GHz antenna (Alfa AWUS036h) and a dual band 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz antenna (AWUS052NH)

How can it do WiFi Password Recovery?

The Portable Penetrator uses the same techniques for professional WiFi Password Recovery just like real Black Hat hackers will do it.
With Portable Penetrator software you can be assured there are no backdoors, spyware, malware.

No damage will be done during the Pen testing process.
Professional PDF reports will be generated with the results of the Penetration testing of WiFi Password Recovery process.

How can it do full WiFi Auditing?

This is done by performing real cracking of WEP, WPA and WPA2.
You can also crack your own network in order to secure it.

Which techniques are used for WPA Cracker Software?

There is a combination of up to 7 techniques to carry out WPA Cracker software attacks.

It involved WPA WPA2 DoS attack to capture the connection handshake. Password cracking of the captured WPA WPA2 connection handshake.
The WPA Cracker Software will also perform WPS Cracking, Man in the Middle attacks.

What operating system is Portable Penetrator WPA Cracker running on?

Portable Penetrator runs on a customized Slackware Linux 64 bit operating system. When you start it up you get the login screen and you login.

Where can I see Portable Penetrator customer references?

See what the customers are saying about the Penetrator: Penetrator references and testimonials

  • 64 Bit High Performance
  • Windows 10 / Mac OS X / Linux support
  • High Performance System
  • Supports wide range of WiFi USB Adapters for packet injection and monitor mode
  • Use Second Generation AI Machine learning technology for vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management



Portable Penetrator WiFi Key Recovery Software

The SecPoint® Portable Penetrator™ includes more than just the WiFi portable version of the SecPoint® Penetrator™.

More to the point, while it is "mobile" and "compact" as an appliance, the "portable" part of its name comes from the fact that it deals with scanning for vulnerabilities in portable devices, particularly their WiFi connections and safety protocols.

The SecPoint® Portable Penetrator™ is the Penetrator™ variant of SecPoint® that's capable of improving the security of portable devices, specifically when it comes to WiFi protection (because a lot of mobile phones, computers, and gadgets use WiFi, such that it's the main avenue of attack for most hackers out there).

No matter what WiFi encryption technology you're using WPS, WPA2, WPA, and even the outdated WEP you can be sure of that the Portable Penetrator vulnerability scanner will be there to keep you from falling victim to all the cyber criminals of the world.


It is better that you're prepared to take on the worst that the Worldwide Web can throw at you from the get go by "hacking" your system beforehand than waiting for a black hat to do it for you.

The Portable Penetrator essentially directs and defines how you'll go about establishing your security measures in light of the vulnerabilities of the system you're using, the patches you need to acquire, the system weaknesses that aren't patched yet, and a variety of other issues.

Attackers will have a harder time breaking into a system that knows how they think and has every contingency covered.

The Portable Penetrator is even capable of launching real exploits so that you can better develop patches to combat those programs.

Recovery of WPS, WEP, WPA, and WPA2 WiFi keys is a relative breeze thanks to SecPoint's portable vulnerability scanner. Your security auditing via this device acts like a vaccine of sorts.

It shows your system how a hacker might breach it so that it could better defend its vulnerabilities before attackers could take action.

Vulnerability Scanning & Management Is the Key to a strong Security Strategy.

The latest automated advanced hacking tools can inflict massive damage throughout a network and even across systems all over the world in a matter of hours.

Understanding and knowing the potential security vulnerabilities in your network public servers and within your system is vital to any security strategy.

At any rate, Portable Penetrator has all of the features a regular Penetrator has; the only difference is it's mostly used for mobile networks.

Wireless Pen Testing WPA2 WEP WPA and WPS Cracking



Easy-to-Understand Reporting for WPA Cracker

A lot of the reports that the Penetrator makes can be modified, adapted, and saved as HTML, PDF, or XML files.

Security holes are normally classified as either low risk, medium risk, or high risk.

These system vulnerability records include the names, particulars, and fixes of each code flaw.

The report also offers a comprehensive examination on the total protection level of the inspected mobile network.

Furthermore, it features an executive summary that specifically compiles graphical and text details from audit results for management-level appraisal.

Portable Auditing Is Flexible WPA Cracker
Obviously, the main advantage that a Portable Penetrator has over its non-portable counterpart is its portability.

Compared to a normal Penetrator that needs to be fitted into a 19" rack in order to execute a wide range of auditing solutions to your network.

Portable Penetrator is as equally mobile as the networks it protects; you can rest assured that your WiFi network is safe wherever you go.

Simply put, SecPoint's dedicated mobile hardware inspector allows you to audit both internal and external IP ranges with ease wherever you may be!

Because of the mobile hardware's encrypted connection to the SecPoint® website, updates for the security hole appraisal device come on a day-to-day basis.

This guarantees users the securest, most efficient IT security defence possible by providing them with the freshest lists and records of vulnerabilities whenever they inspect their mobile network.

Even when WLANs are hardened and all the latest patches have been applied

This is done by doing a real life cracking of your WiFi network. SecPoint® Portabel Penetrator™ cracks, WEP, WPA & WPA2 encrypted networks.

It has advanced techniques to do it however the interface is very user friendly and you control it all by clicking with the mouse.

WEP Cracking WPA Cracking WPA2 Cracking Vulnerability Scanning WiFi Security Wireless Security Assessment Tool.

When it cracks the network it will tell you how it did it and show you the password. Furthermore, it will tell you exactly how to secure your WiFi networks from WPA Cracker attacks.

Another benefit with Portable Penetrator is that it comes with vulnerability scanning capability so you can go from network to network and scan all the IP addresses for vulnerabilities.

It will then present you a PDF report with an Executive Summary for the non technical staff and a full complete technical report for the tech department so they can quickly close all the found security vulnerabilities.

WEP Crack, WPA Crack and WPA2 Crack.

The IP License means that with a 8 IP model you can maximum Scan 8 IP Addresses on the same time.

However if you start 8 Scans and in 1 hour all of them are finished then you are allowed to change the IP addresses and do 8 other scans.

So the only limitation is how many concurrent scans you can run at the same time.


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