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SecPoint® collaborates with a vast number of customers across Europe, the Middle East, North and South America, and Asia.

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SecPoint® Customer Testimonials

Agence Belle France

Specialized in the Rental of French Holiday Homes

Since 1994, Agence Belle France has specialized in the rental of French holiday homes. We prioritize the quality of these homes and take immense pride in the fact that a significant portion of our bookings arise from word-of-mouth recommendations and our ever-satisfied clientele.

Good and swift service is paramount to us, which is why we sought a highly secure Internet connection. With the addition of the Protector, our network is now completely shielded from both known and unknown threats, thanks to its Advanced Network Security features.

Ajax Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Ajax Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Auto Recycling Nederland BV

Auto Recycling Nederland (ARN) orchestrates the automotive industry's endeavors in the Netherlands to achieve the government's recycling objectives for decommissioned vehicles.

Having recycled over 3 million cars, Auto Recycling Nederland BV stands as a leader in the Netherlands and naturally sought the premier solution available in the market.

"We are extremely satisfied with the performance of the SecPoint Protector. It was straightforward to install and configure, operated seamlessly right out of the box, and has reduced our spam to nearly none," they remarked."

Jeroen Kuijpers IT consultant
Auto Recycling Nederland BV

BISC Utrecht has tested the SecPoint Protector and certified it as the best! Before using the Protector, we were inundated with SPAM. However, this ceased after its installation.

BiSC, located in Houten, offers services to public libraries. These services are geared towards supporting and developing library management, enhancing the external presentation of libraries, and maintaining a provincial ICT network. BiSC's goal is to enhance the quality and further the development of public library facilities in the Utrecht province. In line with library modernization efforts, BiSC is evolving to become the primary service organization for all public libraries in Utrecht.

Berechja College

The Berechja College chose the SecPoint UTM solution primarily for its impeccable web filtering capabilities, which serve as the cornerstone of our secure learning environment.

At Berechja College, those who choose us are choosing a secure learning environment where students receive top-notch education with optimal guidance. Our school welcomes students across all levels, from LWOO to HAVO/VWO, in the early stages of their education. In advanced levels, we provide education from LWOO up to secondary school level. After their second year, students pursuing HAVO/VWO transition to Emelwerda College in Emmeloord. However, all other students have the opportunity to complete their education with us. Our commitment to safety and quality is further exemplified by our choice of the SecPoint UTM solution, with its unparalleled web filtering, ensuring a safe learning environment at Berechja College.

Bing Research Power through Knowledge Web site:
Bionic Electronics
CEMIN Holding Minero CEMIN Mining
Cross Border Technology SAS Colombia
Deli IT
District Court of Warszawa District Court of Warszawa
Euroblinds Euroblinds Vision Statement: “To fortify and enhance our leadership in the fast-growing shading industry.” 
House of Investments, Inc. House of Investments, Inc.
King For over 35 years, King has been a prominent figure in the retail market, publishing puzzles and games globally. King crafts products tailored for all age groups, ensuring that everyone can revel in the joy of assembling a puzzle or engaging in a game.
New York City College Athens I've learned that over the past 2-3 weeks, PROTECTOR has blocked over 95,000 spam messages. Impressive! Keep up the excellent work!
New York eHealth Collaborative New York eHealth Collaborative
Olympiaodos Olympia Odos stands as the most extensive and challenging construction project in Greece at present, and it ranks among the biggest in Europe. Representing an investment of €1.8 billion (excluding VAT), Olympia Odos is tasked with the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of a state-of-the-art motorway that meets European standards. This pivotal infrastructure will connect the northwest of the Peloponnese with the rest of Greece and, by extension, the world.
PASCO Philippines Corporation PASCO Philippines Corporation
PBGrup I've been using Protector equipment for over 13 years, and I can confidently say that they are extremely reliable and user-friendly. Whenever I've needed assistance, the support team has always been quick to respond and effective in their solutions. Thank you!ing. Horatius IONESCU
PROTEUS OCM PROTEUS OCM LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, which specializes in the Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance of Information Technology.
Park Developments Ltd Park Developments Ltd
The Herbert Building
The Park
Dublin 18

00353 1 2958917

Contact : Will Glass
Pensec "In my 15 years of experience in the IT field, I have never come across a team as dedicated as yours, tirelessly working to address customers' needs and resolving raised issues. I envision SecPoint not only as a leading figure overseas but, in due course, as a dominant force globally. It won't be long before SecPoint is recognized as a world leader and foremost innovator in network security solutions!" - Lance Leonaitis
Pickerings Lifts Ltd Pickerings Lifts Ltd
Unit 7, Dunboyne Industrial Estate
Co Westmeath

Contact : Conor Brennan
Plameco Systems Plameco Systems

I recently configured your device, and I must say it was the most straightforward setup I've ever encountered. I've had no issues thus far. Truly impressive!

Without a doubt, this is the best anti-spam equipment I've ever used. I'm already fond of it! I only wish I had started using it sooner.

Real Time Consulting & Services Real Time Consulting & Services COLOMBIA

stablished on 1 January 2004, Housing Corporation Rochdale was born from the merger of two housing associations: Patrimony and Bouwvereniging Rochdale. Today, Rochdale manages over 40,000 homes in and around Amsterdam.

As a social enterprise, Rochdale is committed to promoting good, affordable living conditions, fostering vibrant neighborhoods with opportunities for all. Alongside our core mission, we've established five guiding principles for our staff: Professionalism, Results and Customization, Integrity, Social Relevance, and Approachability, collectively known as PRIMA.

In collaboration with residents and other invested parties, Rochdale plans to significantly invest in housing and associated services like social real estate over the coming years. Our operational region aligns with the 'Amsterdam Metropolitan Area', where we seek further development and expansion, anticipating growth in the number of rental units. While we aim for economies of scale on a regional scale, we maintain a close and direct presence in individual districts and neighborhoods, ensuring local, recognizable, and approachable establishments.

Rochdale has multiple branch offices where residents and prospective renters can find information related to housing and renting. Our dedicated staff is always ready to assist. Additionally, our Woonservice points serve as another resource. [For a complete list of contact details, please visit our website.]

Rochdale's other divisions include Delta Forte, responsible for new construction and renovation projects, and Practitioners (a segment of Rochdale's Property Directory) which handles both daily and planned maintenance of homes.

Roscrea Credit Union Roscrea Credit Union Ltd
Main Street
Roscrea Co Tipperary

Contact : Brian King
SRCenter Korea SRCenter Seoul South Korea
Secure Cyber  
Servicepress S.A Before using Protector, we received 100-200 spam emails daily. Now, we get only 5-10 monthly. It's been our best investment.
Shop Order September 2013 After your email on September 2nd, I was pleased to receive the package just three days later. Your service has been exceptional. From promptly answering my queries to the swift delivery, everything was seamless. To my surprise, the package also contained a bonus writing pen — unless it was an accidental addition from an employee's pocket. Due to my work schedule, I'll be examining the product over the weekend and will get back to you with any questions or comments. For now, I just wanted to extend my appreciation and say, "Kudos to the entire SecPoint team.
Sun4u We operate a datacenter/hosting center in Denmark and utilize two Protectors . Catering to 109 domains, which translates to between 550 and 1500 email addresses, our monthly email traffic ranges from 10,000 to 20,000 messages. The system's performance has been commendable, effectively filtering out SPAM and viruses. I highly recommend this solution.
Team Troy We rely on the Penetrator appliance for auditing and securing our networks. It provides definitive insights and actionable solutions to address vulnerabilities.

For technical standard and custom solutions related to machine guards, as well as rubber and plastic products, reach out to Technigro — your specialist in the field.

Daily Deliveries: Our dedicated team in Geldermalsen is always at your service. Every day, they craft machine guards, customize rubber and plastic products, and ensure timely deliveries to our customers across the Benelux region.

Inventory Management: If you frequently require a specific product, we can maintain it in our stock for you. This ensures you have the necessary items delivered promptly when you need them.

Beyond Products: Our value proposition doesn't end at product delivery. We offer guidance on technical challenges you may face. Our knowledgeable staff collaborates with you, answers queries, and devises tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Thanos Hotels Thanos Hotels
The Owen Group The Owen Group
Tierra Networks Tierra Networks
Trade Tracker TradeTracker® Online Marketing
Tyres4U Tyres4U is a leading specialist in the import and distribution of tyres. Our range encompasses agricultural, industrial, truck, light truck, and passenger vehicle tyres.
Unicef Unicef
Vanalles Tiel Dutch Customer Testimonial

Dutch Customer Testimonial:

We hadden diverse anti-SPAM oplossingen geprobeerd, maar toen SecPoint een evaluatie-unit installeerde, wisten we al snel dat dit de juiste oplossing was. Vanaf het begin merkten we dat de SPAM aanzienlijk verminderde, en binnen twee weken waren we volledig SPAM-vrij.

Bij Vanalles adviseren wij startende ondernemers op verschillende gebieden, en nu raden we hen ook aan om naar de oplossingen van SecPoint te kijken. Roland Twilt, Directeur & Adviseur, Vanalles Tiel & Zaltbommel

English Customer Testimonial:

We had previously experimented with various Anti-SPAM solutions. However, once SecPoint set up an evaluation unit for us, we instantly recognized it as the solution we had been seeking.

From the outset, we observed a significant reduction in the SPAM in our mailboxes, and within a fortnight, we were entirely SPAM-free. At Vanalles, we assist and guide budding businesses, and now, we also recommend our clients to consider SecPoint's offerings. Roland Twilt, Director & Advisor, Vanalles Tiel & Zaltbommel

Verity Global Solutions Pvt Ltd Verity Global Solutions stands as a premier provider of business process outsourcing solutions, specifically tailored for the mortgage industry. We empower mortgage enterprises to efficiently scale and expand by streamlining processes and reducing overheads. With expertise spanning across loan origination, servicing, and purchasing, we integrate advanced automation to enhance loan quality while diminishing turn times and costs. Our dedicated global team operates round-the-clock, ensuring our clients can close, sell, and service loans at unprecedented speeds
DAG Servicos Verity Global Solutions stands at the forefront of business process outsourcing solutions. We specialize in empowering mortgage organizations to optimize resources, enabling rapid scaling and business growth. With expertise across loan origination, servicing, and purchasing, Verity harnesses automation to streamline processes. This not only cuts down on turn times and expenses but also bolsters loan quality. Supported by our dedicated global team working tirelessly around the clock, our clients can expedite the closing, selling, and servicing of loans beyond their expectations.
Via Biler Auto Car Dealer
Aplin Martin Consultants Ltd Consulting
Aktüel Sistem ve Bilgi Teknolojileri Technology
Fulgar Textile Recycle
vuc vejle VUC Vejle - Public Education