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We value privacy highly by having backdoor free products and no data being collected.

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WiFi Pass Key Finder

  • Recover WiFi Password

  • WiFi Penetration Testing

  • WPA2 - WPA - WPS WiFi Keys

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Vulnerability Scanner

  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • Vulnerability Management

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UTM Firewall

UTM Firewall

Next Gen Firewall Appliance

  • Firewall SSLVPN UTM

  • Web Filtering - IPS

  • Bandwidth Management

Protector UTM Appliance

Cloud Penetrator

Website Security Scanner

  • Web Security Scan

  • SQL Injection - XSS Cross Site Scripting

  • Command Execution - Web Site Scanner

Web Vulnerability Scanner

SecPoint is specialized to deliver the best IT security solutions and products.

Powerful UTM Firewall, Vulnerability Scanner, WiFi Penetration Testing software or a Cloud Web Scanner.

We work closely with the sales channel for optimal customer feedback and to deliver new software updates to serve the customers requirements.

We deliver the best IT Security products for Vulnerability Scanning & Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment and Management Solution

The Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner software & Appliance allows for powerful network auditing.

You can scan both local and public IP addresses with up to 9 different scanning profiles.

The SecPoint IT Security products features: No backdoors - No information gathering.

High Performance UTM VPN Firewall

The Protector Best UTM SSL-VPN Firewall offers powerful incoming / outgoing Network protection.

Protect your entire network. Fully loaded with Mail logging on hard drive - easily store all incoming and outgoing mails.

WiFi Penetration Testing Software - Recover WPA WPA2 WPS WEP Keys, Denial of Service DoS

Portable Penetrator Ultimate WiFi Penetration Software. Carry out real WiFi attacks on your WiFi access points to discover vulnerabilities.

Man in the Middle attacks, Connection handshake capture, Brute force and Denial of Service attacks.

Web Security Scanner - Find SQL Injection XSS, CSRF & popular vulnerabilities

Scan your public IP addresses for vulnerabilities with the Cloud Penetrator Best Web Security scanner.

No software installation required. Easily setup scanning schedule and get notified when new vulnerabilities are discovered on your IPs.

If you are not sure which IT security product you need for the maximum security protection feel free to sign up for a free webinar to get a good understanding.


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