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We value privacy highly by having backdoor free products and no data being collected.
The SecPoint IT Security products features: No backdoors - No information gathering.

Portable Penetrator

WiFi Password Key Software 

  • Recover Wifi Password
  • Find WEP WPA WPA2 WPS Keys
  • Vulnerability Scanning & Management

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Vulnerability Scanner

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Vulnerability Scanning & Assessment
  • Vulnerability Management Ticket System
  • 5 Star Awarded

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Unified Threat Management

Next Gen Firewall UTM Appliance

  • Next Gen Network Firewall VPN UTM Appliance
  • Web Filtering - IPS - MS Active Directory
  • Bandwidth Management 5 Star Awarded

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Cloud Penetrator

Website Security Scanner

  • Web Security Scan 
  • SQL Injection - XSS Cross Site Scripting
  • Command Execution - Web Site Crawler

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Protector Best UTM VPN Firewall offers powerful incoming / outgoing Network protection. Protect your entire network. Comes with Mail logging on harddrive - easily store all incoming and outgoing mails

Penetrator Ultimate Vulnerability Assessment and Management software and appliances.


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