5G Technology is it a Health Risk?

What is 5G?

5G is the 5th generation mobile network cellular technology to enable mobile devices to get connected and get online.

5G brings increased performance and availability that will allow there to be a signal for connection anywhere in major cities and the entire country.

5G is designed to supplement and not replace 4G .

It promises to deliver speeds from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps and beyond.

This is a huge speed boost even compared to fiber optic wired networks.

Major carries have started to roll out 5G in their networks during 2019 and 2020.

4G is 2.2 Hrtz cycles per second.

5G is referred as a different technology.

It differs from 4G in a radical way. On WiFI is always pulsing out as a carrier wave.

WiFi generators in computers will amp the pulse up.

4G and 5G is a key difference in bandwidth.

In 5G it has incredible bandwidth you can put different data in different segments of the data sequence differentiation.

There is a lot of power in it with a millimeter wave.

This way it sends a lot of power in a millimeter. 5G can not go through a tree leaf because it is so small.

5G devices will get really hot and 5G can go very far.

They need to have repeaters every 500 meters.

5G is a very costly deployment and requires a huge investment in hardware.

It can be more than a 100 fold investment compared to 4G.

5G millimeter waves is used by the military and can heat up skin.

4G versus 5G Performance.

5G uses the new and until now not used a lot radio milimeter bands.

They range from 30 GHz to 300 GHz range.

Where 4G networks operate on frequencies below 6 GHz.



Is there a difference on 5G in the US compared to the rest of the world?

When we are talking about 5G there are two different things.

China Huawei 5G compared to example Verizon in USA.

China Huawei is using wide range sub 6G wave length wide longer bigger wave lengths.

While in the USA they are mainly using short wave millimetre wave spectrum that dont work on a larger area.

That is related to in the US the 5G band is being used by the US military already.

Trump pushes 5G and 6G

This can be why Donald Trump talks about 6G and why it is important to bring that up. 

What is the talk about Huawei 5G?

The United Kingdom has green lighted Huawei to setup their 5G technology in their country.

5G Health Risk

5G millimetre waves can be a health risk since it penetrates skin in studies and stays there compared to lower level spectrum bands.

Then using 5G Wide spectrum band there is lesser health risk.

There is talk about to put 5G repeaters on every light pole with millimetre wave length.

Several cities have now started to ban 5G due to health risks.

Brussels in the EU has become the first major city to stop the roll out of 5G to investigate the health risks.

5G can pose a great threat to all biological life.

The industry admits they have not done any safety studies and they do not plan to.

According to several doctors there can be a health risk with 5G causing harm to the cells.

A prominent voice is Dr. Martin Pall WSU Professor which produced research on how radiation causes harm to cells.

They claim 5G is the stupidest idea in the history of the world.

Have the politicians been bought out to roll out 5G without any safety studies even made?

5G seriously expands humans exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

All human cancers such as leukemia, colon, breast, lung cancer respond to electromagnetic radiation below the FCC recommended doses..

Another argument is that people have freedom to safety in their homes.

And by deploying 5G near their homes they are at risk in their homes which is anti constitutional.

There have been no studies from the telecom industry that showed 5G was safe for humans.

Several cases from USA with 5G placed near fire stations which resulted in the firemen to get sick.

Since most people spend the most of their time in the bedroom at least 8 hours a day when sleeping many apply the nano 5g blocking paint in the bedroom.

It is also estimated to be transmitted via 20.000  satellites where 1000 are already deployed.

The problem is 5G has not been tested for safety.

5G and privacy concerns

Another key issue is privacy and IoT devices that could be spying on users. Such as dishwasher, tv, smart meters.

The information is being collected where it is possible to see when the user is doing certain things and at which time.

Smart appliances will be communicating information to the smart meter which transmit the information back to the power company.

There is increased radiation from the devices.

It has been reported that the increase in  Parkinson's disease - AAOS, dementia.

Which damage can be caused by radiation?

  • DNA damage
  • Cancer
  • Decreased fertility
  • Hormone interruptions
  • Neurological damage
  • Increased risk for autism and ADHD

For animals it can cause deformities and interrupt birds magnetic compass.

EU regulations have strict rules for birds to be able to live and survive.


Grass root movement against 5G is growing all over the world 

Skeptical about US 5G roll out.

According to Craig Moffett is sceptical that Verizon can even make the transition due to the spectrum frequencies an operator is allowed to radiate on.

They are not allow enough in the US to fully support 5G mobile.

He says there is no chance they can deploy it by 2021.

The standards of 5G were set for a very wide blocks of spectrum.

5G is meant to be 50 times faster than 4G and it will require huge investments.

Verizon has turned on its 5G network in Minneapolis and Chicago.

Verizon plans to spend more than $18 billion to roll out 5G to beat competitors such as AT&T.

More resistance is being mounted against 5G like we have seen with GMO foods.

And showing the last ruling about Roundup how dangerous these new technologies really can be that is just being rolled out without any scrutiny.

In Switzerland Geneva has blocked the erection of 5G antennas until further investigation into safety.

It is set to be very unsafe within 115 meters around the antennas.

Millimetre waves are dangerous for humans and animals according to several scientist studies.


More are 5G proofing their houses

This can be done by applying yshield painting with nano particles in it.

It makes the house a deadzone for 5g and other radio frequencies.

Also mentioned a faraday cage.

Anti RF Film on the windows.

What are the benefit of EMF protection?

Counter spying by stingray devices without a warrant.

5G on every road can cause increased radiation and to protect the children.

The children skulls are thinner that can put them at higher risks than adults.