Call Center Payment Security

According to the popular UK-based security vendor Veritape, security of payments via credit card should be tightened up.

And in response to this, the company created a new protective tool that is designed in such a way that it is capable of safeguarding both the bank and its consumers from widespread credit card scams occurring frequently through the call centers.

Product that defends user without too much effort

Veritape introduced their low-cost security tool CallGuard, which can help consumers in saving quite large amount of money for the whole year.

CallGuard can protect its users by setting boundaries against the audio data thefts.

The device comes in the form of a shoebox that is intended for the whole network and there is also a USB tool attached to each of the workstations.

The newly-discovered malicious activity happens when vicious criminal spies on the call center phone calls and this person examines the recorded calls that usually include confidential information.

As said by the security vendor, this latest product is easy to install that it only takes few minutes and this is compared to the previous ones that need several months to be set established.

Protection at a very low price

One of the reasons for the large number of companies with non compliance was due to the cost for the call centers.

They did not have calculated in their budget to include the security costs to becoming compliant.

In the future it is key for the organisations to prepare for compliance in their budgets.

Consumers are now rest assured

The product is designed intricately and it safeguards the saved phone calls by hushing the tones whenever a number is pressed by the consumer.

These numbers are then recorded like those in password fields and are concealed with asterisks.

There is a need for greater protection since data theft happens almost all the time and both the individuals and banks lost billions each year because of these occurrences.

Hence, CallGuard comes handy since it assists in patching up the security hole and it protects personal information from many lurking criminals.