Anonymous in attack Convenes Against Malaysian

4chan's very own Anonymous serves as the mediator between Philippine and Malaysian hackers, which is an ironic twist from their hacker activities in the past. Thanks to Islamic insurgent Filipinos taking hold of Malaysian territories, there's now a growing tussle between hacktivists within Philippine shores and Malaysian shores, which naturally resulted in the defacement of many major websites from both sites thanks to the territorial quarrel. This is reminiscent of the dispute between Filipinos and China over an island at the South China Sea. There were a lot of people killed thanks to the encounters at Sabah after a group of 200 rebel Muslims landed there three weeks past.

The insurgents claimed the region as their own

Essentially terrorizing the territory, because it is their belief that the Sulu Sultanate... which ruled a portion of Sabah in North Borneo for many decades... is their ancestor, so Sabah is essentially theirs by ancestral right to rule and whatnot.

They specifically landed there to take the island back, but Malaysia didn't intend to take the whole territorial scuffle lying down, which resulted in a backlash and dozens of people killed.

These rebels have in the past been known to even kidnap for ransom Sabah residents to further their cause, so this act of aggression can be considered them finally crossing the line. According to the Philippine news network GMA News, this clash between Malaysia and the Philippines soon resulted in becoming an online kerfuffle, such that Filipino and Malaysian hacktivists were soon up at arms (virtually speaking) and hacking each other's major websites at the time of this writing.

Filipino hackers were probably responding to the deaths or merely retaliating from Malaysian hacking attacks, while the Malaysian hackers were probably miffed by the fact that their beloved Sabah was occupied by terrorists in the first place.

The sites hit by the hacktivists were relatively minor, such that the most they could get were the ire of SMBs, but the message of discontent between both parties was crystal clear.

A Pastebin message posted by "TheAnonCause" showed at length that Anonymous isn't taking either side and can be seen more as a third party in this Southeast Asian clash of sorts.

The 4chan hacker group has instead asked its members to send territorial claim documents for everyone's perusal.

For a change, it's Anonymous that's asking for a peaceful resolution of the argument instead of doing what's expected of it, which was to aggravate the situation as it is wont to do.

Anonymous believes that the battle between Malaysian and Philippine hackers amounts to nothing more than petty cyber-war fighting and bickering.