MS-17-010 Vulnerability Scan Your Site

Find out if you are vulnerable to WannaCry

The high severity Remote Code execution vulnerability released via the NSA hacker tools leak is out in the wild.

It is due to a vulnerability in the way the Microsoft Server Message Block 1.0 - SMBv1 server is handling specific

requests. A remote attacker or worm can exploit the vulnerability and launch code on the target system.

It is easy for an attacker to exploit the vulnerability due to the already leaked tools in the wild.

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The exploit has already been exploited by blackhat attackers in causing a large RansomWare outbreak which

has disrupted IT systems, Governments and corporations world wide.

The WannaCryptor also known as WannaCry Ransomware is to blame.

It has been extracted using the un patched zero day from the eternalblue SMB exploit part of a large collection

of tools leaked from the American National Security Agency NSA.

Targets being infected forced to pay Ransom

When a target is being compromised by the WannaCryptor worm it will encrypt files and demand a ransom to paid out by the victim.

A picture can been seen below of what the victims will see when they are being compromised.

It has been reported already several 100.000$ has been paid in ransom to the black hat attackers.

By paying the ransom it can culprit the same type of future attacks when other black hat attackers can see a business model.

Scan all your systems to avoid compromise by the WannaCry Ransomware

It is recommended to scan all your systems and keep them up to date with the latest patched to avoid compromise.