Top Hacker Cyber Security Movies - Docs & Series of all times

Here you can find a list of cool uses of laptop/handhelds being used in movies for a hacking purpose.

Top Hacker Movies

Top 15 Best Hacker Movies

  • Hackers (1995)
  • War Games (1983)
  • Who Am I (2014)
  • 23 (1998)
  • The Matrix (1999)
  • The Matrix Reloaded (2003)
  • Takedown Hackers 2 (2000)
  • Swordfish (2001)
  • The Fifth Estate (2013)
  • The Lawnmower Man (1992)
  • Three Days of the Condor (1975)
  • Sneakers (1992)
  • Prime Risk (1985)
  • Snowden (2016)
  • The Net (1995)

Top 8 Best Hacker / Computer Series

  • Mr. Robot (2014-2019)
  • Tehran Israeli TV Series (2020)
  • The Undeclared War (2022)
  • HackerVille (2018)
  • La Femme Nikita (1997-2001)
  • CSI Cyber (2015-2016)
  • The Lone Gunmen(2001)
  • Halt and Catch Fire (2014-2017)


  • Persuit - Hacker guy cracking wireless networks. Bitcoin also shown.
  • The Takeover - Woman wrongly found guilty of hacking. References to cheesy 90ties hacker scenes.
  • The Undeclared War - British GCHQ has to prevent a cyber attack on the countries electoral system.


  • Tehran - Israeli Mosad agents hacking in Iran.


  • Knives Out. Not a specific hacker movie but still a Thinkpad T61 is seen to reveal secret video footage.
  • Hacker - Danish teen hacker movie. Dwave computers seen.


  • Hacker's Game Redux “Hacker’s Game Redux” is essentially a cyber security- based rom-com. It focuses on the love story between a computer expert and a cyber detective.
  • Hackerville Series in Romania/Germany This short television series showcases the good and bad sides of cyber skills. After hackers launch a cyberattack against a bank, an investigator works with a hacker to help find the suspects.


  • Kim Dotcom Caught in the Web. Documentary about Kim Dotcom Megaupload story. How the government raided his secure house and shut down Megaupload.
  • The Circle Tom Hanks and Emma Watson working in a social media company called the Circle. Then an experiment takes it to the next level.
  • The Crash -  "Crash" borrows from reality by featuring a plot where established government officials turn to the help of criminals. When a cyberattack threatens the financial stability of the entire country, the government decides to enlist hackers.
  • Silicon Valley Silicon Valley Season 4 Episode 9 Hooli Con Hack WiFi Man in the Middle devices used.


  • Snowden - Famous NSA hacker played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt by Oliver Stone. How Snowden became a fugitive and flew the US.
  • Gringo - Documentary about Antivirus inventor John McAfee. How McAfee made millions before leaving the U.S. and ending up in Belize. Faking a heart attack and having the corrupt government after him.
  • Zero Days - Documentary based on the Stuxnet attack. A computer worm made by Israel and the U.S. to sabotage a key part in Iran's nuclear program.
  • Risk - Documentary about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange by Laura Poitras.
  • I.T. - Aviation tycoon Mike Regan played by Pierce Brosnan hires an I.T. hacker that turns into a house hacking situation.
  • Anonymous or known as Hacker - Young Ukrainian immigrant turn as an expert hacker. Supporting his parents to pay the bills and entering the black market escalating into higher crimes.
  • Hacker -“Hacker” shows what happens when someone who is highly skilled in computers decides they want a new life. It focuses on a young hacker who turns to identity theft and crime to help cope with debt.


  • James Bond Spectre Q using a Clevo laptop to make connection between Mr. White and Spectre organisation. He also uses it to shut down an intelligence system.
  • Blackhat - Chris Hemsworth play the convicted hacker Nicholas Hathaway that join a professional team of Chinese and American experts. Tracking down Balkan cyberterrorists operating in the Southeast Asia.
  • Deep Web - Movie about Ross Ulbricht (Dead Pirate Roberts) free market Silk Road being shut down.
  • Debug - Six young hackers gets involved in artificial intelligence that is becoming human.
  • Hacker's Game - A human rights organization cyber detective playing virtual chess with a hacking expert turned romance.
  • CSI Cyber 2015-2016 - Showing realistic hacker attacks and the CSI team tracking down attackers. This short-lived television series is one of many installments of the “CSI” series. It centers around employees working in the FBI’s cybercrime division.


  • Mr. Robot Series. This American drama series showcases both sides of the cyber security world: the good and the evil. It follows an average, cyber security engineer who becomes a malicious hacker at night.
  • Who am I - A hacker group intent to obtain global fame by hacking targets commanded by an evil hacker. Several Thinkpads and Macbooks can be seen. Great German Hacker movie. This German techno-thriller is about a group of computer hackers that are prominent in Berlin. They’re motivated by fame and want to use their skills to achieve global recognition.
  • Algorithm - A highly special computer engineer specializes in penetrating secure systems. Hacks a gov contractor and finds a malicious computer hacker program. In "Algorithm," a computer hacker decides to transition from hacking into personal accounts to compromising government servers. However, things take an unexpected turn when he encounters a strange computer program.
  • The Signal - A MIT student Nic going on the road when a hacker plays tricks on them. He ends up wounded disoriented finding his friends missing and other space people outfits maybe not from this world.
  • The Imitation Game - M16 created by the British Government recruits the very intelligent Alan Turing played by Benedict Cumberbatch. To crack Germany's Enigma Code in World War 2.
  • The Hackers Wars - Documentary about hacktivism in America. More about Government surveillance. Hunting down of hackers & journalists.
  • Open Windows - A computer blogger wins a dinner with a sexy actress. He get angry after she ignores him and cancel the date with him.
  • Citizenfour - Documentary about Edward Snowden. Made by famous directorLaura Poitras. Looking into the NSA hacking & spy scandal how Snowden met with journalist Glenn Greenwald on a secret Hong Kong location.
  • Halt and Catch Fire 2014-2017 - Showing the 80ties computer involvement. Great series showing multiple computers specially the C64.


  • Disconnect - Stories about peoples lives being impacted by the Internet. People being victim of cyberbullying, being spied on and secrets exposed online.
  • Goodbye World - One million cellphones being hacked followed by a collapse of the power grid causing a widespread panic.
  • Fifth Estate - Movie based on the real events of WikiLeaks found Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg how they created the WikiLeaks platform where whistleblowers can leak government secrets anonymously. “The Fifth Estate” follows the story of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. In an attempt to unveil government secrets, he creates a site where whistleblowers can share anything. A Thinkpad T43s is used to administer the Wikileaks website. The real Julien Assange was spotted using a Thinkpad X31/X32 when staying in the Embassy in England. 
  • Terms and Conditions May Apply - Documentary exposing the power corporations and  governments have over people using the Internet.
  • Mickey Virus - Bollywood hacker comedy movie. The Delhi Police seeking help of lazy hackers to solve a case.


  • Underground - Julian Assange Story - An Australian film about the history of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The story follows him from a teenager computer hacker in the underground Melbourne to the current.
  • James Bond Skyfall - Daniel Craig as James Bond in downfall. He has to show he still earns the skills as the agent. A Large scale cyber hacker attack on the MI6 HQ by a super intelligent hacker. This James Bond movie features a hacker as its main villain. The famed spy, played by Daniel Craig, must go up against a genius that is terrorizing M16 using his hacking abilities.
  • Code 2600 - Documentary about the progress of Cyber Security and Infotech. Documented from the eyes of the hackers who help build and shape it.
  • Genius on Hold - Walter L. Shaw telecommunications genius downfall documentary.
  • Reboot - Young female Grey hat hacker wakes up and cant remember anything. An iPhone is found in her hand with a countdown timer.
  • We Are Legion - Documentary about Hacktivists. Brian Knappenberger exploring Anonymous hacktivist group featuring interviews from the group members.


  • Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Ethan Hunt is back played by Tom Cruise. This one their tech on the team using an Apple Macbook Air to hack the building security systems. In the server room is seen a Dell PowerEdge 2650 which controls the hacked security systems.


  • The expendables a rogue CIA agent uses a Thinkpad to view footage.
  • Nikita 2010-2013 - A follow up to the popular La Femme Nikita 90ties series.
  • The Social Network - Mark Zuckerberg story about how he made Facebook being a Harvard dropout. Played by Jesse Eisenberg.
  • Inception - Leonardo DiCaprio plays a thief who can hack peoples dreams to steal their secrets. He can also plant ideas into the victims minds via the dreams.


  • Terminator Salvation  - John Conner uses a Sony Vaio UX Hacking a Skynet Robot to find Kyle Reese.
  • Micro Men - The story about spectrum Sinclairs great success.
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - A journalist is investigating a case to find a killer of a woman who has been dead for forty years. He finds help from a young female Grey hat / Black hat hacker. They discover dark family secrets. Swedish made movie and has been remade in English language in 2011. She hacks an airport Prison cell.
  • Gamer - In the future a teenage gamer can remotely play and control as real death row inmates for the ultimate game experience.
  • Hackers Wanted - American documentary following Adrian Lamo a famous hacker that ratted on several other hackers for fame.


  • James Bond Quantum of Solace. Using a Sony Vaio UX to track Bonds positions.
  • Untraceable - Agent Jennifer Marsh played by Diane Lane part of the Cyber Crimes Division of the FBI in Portal is tacking down a psychopathic hacker that is killing people online via live stream video. The more views on the live stream video the more people die. "Untraceable" follows an agent working for the Cyber Crimes Division of the FBI. She leads a team of professionals trying to track down a psychopathic murderer (who also happens to be a pro hacker).
  • Eagle Eye - Two hackers Jerry & Rachel getting mysterious calls from a woman. Blackmailing them into situations.
  • Hackers are People Too - Documentary about negative stereotypes of hackers. Discussing woman in the hacking world.
  • WarGames 2 - The Dead Code 2008 - A follow up to the classical WarGames. An American teen hacker plays a terrorist attack simulator game online. Homeland Security gets alerted and the hunt is on.


  • Live Free or Die Hard Die Hard 4.0 - Using a Nokia 9300 Communicator to find the hacker location. John McClane played by Bruce Willis and a young hacker guy helping the FBI to take down the evil hacker.
  • Bourne Ultimatum - Jason Bourne played by Matt Damon is back as Bourne.
  • Breach - Documentary about Robert Hanssen revealing secrets Soviet Union.
  • Khottabych - Russian movie.


  • Mission Impossible 3 - Ethan Hunt using an OQO Model 1 hidden in a book to hack Vatican security systems. Getac M220 also used to build a face mask.
  • Firewall - A system security specialist played by Harrison Ford finds his family taken hostage he has to help hackers to break into his own secured system to steal millions.
  • Hacking Democracy - Documentary about allegations of election fraud during the 2004 U.S. presidential election. Following Black Box voting nonprofit consumer protection group. Exposing the flaws in the voting system.
  • The Net 2.0 - A follow up to the 1995 Sandra Bullock movie. A young computer specialist arrives in Istanbul to start on a new Job. Finds out her identify has been stolen.
  • Pulse - Remake of the Japanese horror film. A computer hacker commits suicide. After that the friends receive online messages.


  • The Bourne Supremacy - A HP iPAQ H5500 is seen to scan a fingerprint by the CIA operative.
  • Paranoia 1.0 - A computer programmer specialist received an empty package. He must find out what is being sent to him.
  • Man of the Year -  This movie demonstrates the role cyber security plays in politics. It stars Robin Williams as an enthusiastic president who later discovers that he only won due to a computer error. While the film is fictional, it showcases some very real themes.


  • Lara Croft Tomb Raider The Cradle of Life - A Panasonic Thoughbook R1 is used by Lara to predict location of the Lunar Temple from an earthquake.
  • Paycheck - A futuristic science fiction movie. Michael Jennings played by Ben Affleck makes high pay reverse engineering secret projects. He agree to have his memory erased for a $92 million three year job. Being tricked he gets help from a scientist played by Uma Thurman to find out the truth.
  • The Matrix Reloaded -  Keanu Reeves as Neo, Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus, Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity the ultimate freedom fighters to awaken humanity from slavery. 250,000 machines are digging towards the stronghold of Zion. Nmap is used for a real hack by Trinity with a remote root exploit to shutdown the power grid. The first Matrix movie was so popular that it led to the creation of a sequel, “The Matrix Reloaded.” This film follows the same characters as they continue to learn about the cyber world around them.
  • In the Realm of the Hackers - Documentary about Australian hackers and crackers. A reconstructed computer security list from the 1980s and breaking in into the worlds most secure systems.


  • xXx Xander Cage Renegade. Yelena using a Sony Vaio 01 to confirm payment for the cars and upload image of Yorgis safe.
  • Minority Report - The Future more specific 2054 a Pre Crime police department in D.C. uni chief played by Tom Cruise becomes a fugitive of a future murder he did not commit.
  • Storm Watch - A champion Virtual Reality player must race against time to stop a criminal mastermind that has stolen his identify.
  • Terminal Error - A major software company implements a virus on a MP3 file crashing terminals.


  • Antitrust - Ryan Phillippe playing a college Graduate writing software for multi billion computer company. But the company founder played by Tim Robbins is hiding secrets. Apple Powerbook G3 is used.
  • Lara Croft Tomb Raider - Angelina Joilet playing Lara Croft. Using a Sony Vaio C1 as part of the intelligent robot.
  • Swordfish - Special agent spy called Gabriel played by John Travolta plans to make a heist and obtain a large money amount. He then uses Ginger played by Helle Berry to use her sexy skills to convince Stanley a super hacker played by Hugh Jackman to make an advanced Virus / Worm. In this movie, a spy working with the CIA tries to recruit a genius computer hacker to help steal over $6 billion worth of government funds. The goal is to finance a war against terrorism.
  • Revolution OS - Documentary about the start and history of the GNU movement. Linux operating system & the free open source community. It contains interviews with key entrepreneurs & hackers.
  • Secret History of Hacking Documentary - Focused on phreaking, social engineering, hacking during the 1970s to the 1990s. Featuring hackers such as Kevin Mitnick, John Draper and Steve Wozniak.
  • Freedom Downtime - 2600 Documentary about the convicted most famous Kevin Mitnick hacker how he was represented by Miramax in the movie Takedown.
  • The Score - Dlder age safe cracker played by Robert De Niro wants to retire and buy a house to relax. But he being talked into the big final score by his fence played by Marlon Brando. He joins force with another lower skilled thief played by Edward Norton.
  • The Lone Gunmen(2001) TV Series.


  • Mission Impossible 2 - Ethan Hunt using an Apple Powerbook G3
  • Takedown - Movie about the Kevin Mitnick story. Also known as Track Down. It shows the FBI tracking down Kevin Mitnick with the help of Tsutomu Shimomura. They make a trap and capture Kevin Mitnick in a sneaky way. Based on a true story, "Takedown" centers on law enforcement's search for notorious hacker Kevin Mitnick. It borrows heavily from a book by Tsutomu Shimomura, who wrote extensively about Mitnick. Computers used in the movie is a grey Toshiba Tectra 530. The real laptops used where Toshiba Satellite T1960CS and Toshiba T4400SX running WIndows 3.1 and in white color. 
  • Hackers in Wonderland - Documentary about hackers in the U.K. and in the U.S. having interviews and dives into what drives the hackers. Hackers included ColdFire, cyberjunkie and Phobos. This documentary shows the real-life motivations and thoughts behind some of the most famous hackers. It focuses specifically on cybercriminals that are well known in the United States and United Kingdom.
  • Robin and the Dreamweavers - Animated movie.


  • The Matrix - One of the most popular hacker movies played by Keanu Reeves as Neo. Neo finds out the whole world is a computer simulation he wakes up from. In the real world he wakes up to he can still do some hacks begging the question if the real world he wakes up to is simple another computer simulation? "The Matrix" is arguably one of the most famous computer-based films ever. It stars Keanu Reeves as Neo, a programmer and hacker who discovers that the world he knows is actually a simulation.
  • Pirated of Silicon Valley - A drama about the personal computer showing the rivalry between Microsoft Bill Gates and Apple Computer Steve Jobs. Showing the years 1971 - 1997. Steve Jobs played by Noah Wyle & Anthony Michael Hall plays Bill Gates.
  • Office Space - 3 computer programmers conduct a scheme to steal small amount of money from the company they work at. But due to a mistake the theft becomes bigger than intended. Features Jennifer Aniston.
  • NetForce - In 2005 a division in the FBI has to protect the Net from terror. A loophole is found in a browser to allow anyone to take over the control of the entire Internet. The chief of NetForce is tasked to prevent him from success and track down a killer.


  • Enemy of the State - A lawyer played by Will Smith finds out about the illegal surveillance state. Being helped by ex intelligence operative played by Gene Hackman.
  • Pi - A brilliant obsessed paranoid mathematician barricades himself in a room to find the right key to unlock systems. "Pi" asks the question: are the secrets of the universe accessible through computer technology? It focuses on an intelligent mathematician who is obsessed with uncovering a computer key that can predict anything in life.
  • Webmaster - Danish movie about a powerful crime leader hires  a hacker to monitor his computer systems. Another hacker hacks into their systems and they have 35 hours to find him.
  • 23  - German Movie about the young hacker Karl Koch. In the height of 1980s Cold War. About passing information information to KGB. Several Computers are used such as: C64 Ericsson Portable PC, C64C, SX64, Atari ST, IBM AS/400 B series,


  • The Saint - Val Kilmer featuring as Simon Templar to steal the formula for cold fusion using an Apple Powerbook 5300 and Nokia 9000 Communicator
  • Masterminds - a Security chief at a private school plans to kidnap wealthy children. A computer hacker gets in the way.
  • 1997-2001 La Femme Nikita - Great series about a woman being falsely convicted. Can choose to die or get in to an elite agency.


  • Twister - Lots of SGI computers are seen when they hack the  hurricane.
  • Under Siege 2 - Danes laptop used to control the satellite Toshiba T4600C.
  • Mission Impossible - Ethan Hunt played by Tom Cruise using a Powerbook 540c to block mobile communications at a key point. Further more a Thinkpad 701 Butterfly is seen multiple times.
  • Independence Day ID4 Featuring Will Smith. David uses the Apple Powerbook 5300 to display the countdown to the hostile alien earth attack. Later it is being used to deploy a virus and hack the alien mother ship.
  • Darkman III - Several computers can be seen. A commodore Amiga 3000 seen when Rooker hires a doctor to trap Darkman. Later on a Toshiba T4800C is used by Darkman to build the masks he wears.


  • Congo SGI Indy used in the TraviCom datacenter. Fake Indy laptop similar to the one spotted in Twister movie
  • James Bond Golden Eye - One of the best James Bond movies. Features Pierce Brosnan. Goldeneye Thinkpad Butterfly 701 being used.
  • Hackers - Featuring Angelina Joilet. Apple Powerbook Duo 280c Kates laptop. A clear case Duo 280c. Apple Newton MessagePad 100. Apple Powerbook 540c used by Dade to hack the Gibson.  Apple IIGS used to break into Ellingson Mineral Corporation to steal the garbage file. If you couldn't tell by the name, this film focuses heavily on hacking. The plot revolves around a teenage hacker who is banned from using computers after creating a virus that triggered a stock market crash. When accused of embezzlement, he must prove he's being framed.
  • Die Hard 3 With a Vengeance. Simon Gruber the bomber uses a Compaq Concerto for the bombs.
  • Bad Boys several PS/2 computers are in the police HQ. Mike also has a PS/2E in his apartment that is used to find criminals.
  • The Net - Classic movie with an advanced computer programmer played by Sandra Bullock ordering pizzas online. She goes on a vacation yet getting involved in a conspiracy with PI backdoor on websites.
  • Ghost in the Shell - Animated Japanese sci-fi movie about a cyborg policewoman and her partner hunting a cybercrimial. A 2017 live action remake with Scarlette Johansson was made.
  • Johnny Mnemonic - In the future a human data trafficker Keanu Reeves has a computer implanted in the brain. Can store data securely. Getting a package too large for the chip must deliver the data within 24 hours or he will die.
  • Single White Female -  This movie demonstrates the dangers of hacking through an identity theft. The plot focuses on a woman who takes on a new roommate, only for the roommate to try and steal her identity through cybercrime.


  • Brain Scan - Edward Furlong taking video games to far and having his own personal computer assistant.
  • Disclosure. A high tech computer hacker Michael Douglas sued for sexual harassment forces him to hack the company's database n to clear his name.


  • Jurassic Park - The computer expert Newman played by Dennis Nery hacks the main systems locking everybody else out while he steals dinosaur DNA to sell. Several computers being used. Apple Macintosh Quadra 700 used in the Parks Control Center. SGI R4000 Indigo Elan & SGI Crimson also used in the Control Center. Thinking Machines CM-5 The parks Central Computer.
  • Ghost in the Machine - Apple Powerbook 180 the salesman in the store tries to sell them a  Powerbook. Outbound Notebook seen in the room that Karl uses for email.
  • A computer-powered MRI machine extracts a serial murderer’s soul, and becomes a deadly technological weapon.


  • Beverly Hills 90210 - Destiny Rides again episode. Steve hacks his SAT score and gets into trouble.
  • The Lawnmower Man - Jobe a low IQ man transforms to an Evil genius through virtual reality hacking. Using a SGI IRIS Power Series “The Lawnmower Man” combines computer technology with scientific experiments. It focuses on an eccentric man that uses computer science to transform someone into a genius.
  • Sneakers -  A Hacker played by Robert Redford leads a team of security exports auditing the security of San Francisco companies. They find a black box that can break any encryption easily. "Sneakers" shows viewers the dangers of valuable information falling into the wrong hands. An experienced hacker (played by Robert Redford) leads a team of officials that test the network security of various San Francisco companies.


  • Terminator 2 - Edward Furlong doing hacking of the ATM machine and the door at Cyberdyne systems building with an Atari Portfolio handheld.


  • The hunt for the Red October - An AT&T PC 6300 can be seen when Jack speaks to an old friend in a submarine.
  • Total Recall - They hack the Mars system.


  • Back to the Future Part II  - A Mac is spotted in the antiques store in 2015


  • Die Hard - Terrorist take over a building in LA. The terrorists need to hack the computer to gain access to the vault. ETA-10 CDC Cyber 180 Computer is seen.


  • The Fourth Protocol - Michael Caine has to prevent Russian Spy played by Pierce Brosnan to detonate a nuclear bomb. In the Movies a BBC Micro is shown to see recent movements of Soviet block citizens
  • The running man - They hack the grid of the TV and lets Arnold escape.


  • Prime Risk - Computer experts scam Automated Teller Machines to crash the Federal Reserve. "Prime Risk" focuses on computer fanatics that hack and steal from ATMs. However, as they commit their own cybercrime, they discover an even bigger one — someone is using technology to try and take down the Federal Reserve.
  • Weird Science - Wyatt & Gary design their ideal woman on a computer. Due to a freak electrical accident bringing her to life as a superhuman Lisa.
  • Knight Rider Season 4 Episode 4 The Wrong Crowd. Bonnie uses a HP 110 to hack a Ferret solar powered car robot.
  • Miami Vice season 2 episode 3 "Out Where the Buses Don't Run"  - C64 password Crockett Tubbs hacking skills
  • Weird Science - Gary and Wyatt Teenagers design their ideal woman on their computers. During an electrical accident it brings her alive as the superhuman Lisa.


  • Cloak and Dagger - 11 Year Old Davey sees a murder on FBI agent. He gets an Atari Video Game Cartridge with Military secrets staring Dadney Coleman.
  • Hackers Wizards of the Electronic Age - Documentary about the hacker community. Includes interviews with programmers that started the PC revolution. Such as Steve Wozniak. Filmed at the hacker conference in Sausalito, Calif.
  • Knight Rider - Season 3 Episode 3 Knights of the Fast Lane. Bonnie uses a HP110 to locate KITTs homing beacon.
  • Riptide(1984-1986) - Like Miami Vice but with computers. (1984-1986)
  • Hide and Seek (1984) - Canadian before Wargames like movie. A High School Wiz Kid hackers into a nuclear power plant and nearly cause meltdown.


  • War Games - One of the most iconic cult classics ever that introduced most people to computer hacking. A high school student played by Matthew Broderick hacks a military super computer and starts a Thermo nuclear war. David is hacking at home from an IMSAI 8080. This film, which stars Matthew Broderick, is about a high schooler that hacks into military servers and activates nuclear weapons.
  • Knight Rider -Season 1 Episode 18 White Bird. An Intertec Superbrain is been being used to retrieve images from KITTs ram.
  • Knight Rider  1983 Season 2 Episode 9 Soul Survivor - A whizkid hacks KITTs systems. The kid gets seduced by a strange woman.  A version of Pac-Man is showed on a Atari 5200.
  • Superman III - He into the corporate computers to steal money. This movie offers a fun twist on the classic superhero genre. It centers on a hacker who is blackmailed and forced into a scheme to make Superman evil.


  • Tron - A cult classic early hacking movie. A computer programmer finds out an executive is stealing his code and is launched into the world of virtual reality to combat it. "Tron" brings hacking to the sci-fi genre. The film focuses on a computer engineer that discovers his colleague has been stealing from him — he then ends up in a virtual reality world.


  • Three Days of the Condor - Robert Redford playing a CIA code breaker to find out why he is wanted dead by his own agency. This movie follows Joe Condor, a codebreaker working for the CIA. When he discovers that all of his colleagues are dead, he ends up fleeing for his life as he attempts to uncover the truth.


  • The Conversation - Gene Hackman playing a computer expert using high Tech equipment to spy on a couple. In "The Conversation," a surveillance aficionado uses his cyber skills to watch over a couple that he suspects may be in danger. The movie was nominated for three Oscars.


  • Colossus - Big computer systems USA Colossus and Russia Guardian playing Nuclear war. 


  • The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. Kurt Russell playing Dexter Relly that fixes a computer in an electrical storm to get shocked fusing his brain with the computer.
  • The Italian Job -  This film focuses on a robber. After being released from prison, he recruits the help of British computer hackers to steal gold from the Italian police and mafia. The movie was so popular it inspired a 2003 remake.


  • Hot Millions -  Hot Millions focuses on an embezzler that uses hacking to help get away with his crimes. After compromising a private computer network, he creates invoices for his false companies.
  • 2001 A Space Odyssey - The computer HAL9000 become evil and they have to disable it.


  • Batman the movie - Spinoff from the popular 1960s TV show. There is used a console from B205 in the bat cave operated by Robin.