Blippy distributed Credit Card Information

It can be declared that Blippy, a popular social networking service, is also the most modern domain and source of data leak today.

Based on the latest news broadcast from Venturebeat, a technology finance domain for news updates, experts discovered that the said social networking website publicly displays the credit card details of their users and these will appear in the results of search engines.

Thus, the social networking website may utilize the credit card numbers of the many online users.

In addition, it can be concluded that this social networking service that asks for credit card information regarding purchases might actually share the given data with the use of the popular search engine, Google.

Talking about security threats may perhaps cause ruckus

Venturebeat’s report truly alarmed the social networking website Blippy.

This became apparent when the service instantly took action right after the news was broadcasted so as to prevent fear from the users.

Philip Kaplan, the co-founder of the social networking service, defended the Blippy via a post in the official blog of their company.

According to the website’s representative, only four of the many users were affected by this incident.

Also, upon discovering the data leak, they instantly informed their users about it.

To avoid panic among the Blippy users, they have affirmed that none of the other users are in danger of this small security threat.

Security of users are never overlooked

Kaplan wrote in the blog post his reassurance for the valued users of their social networking website Blippy.

They wanted to guarantee the individuals that they give great importance about the security of the confidential information shared in their website.

Kaplan added that the administration of Blippy also promises that the said threat to the security happened few months ago during the beta testing of the social networking service.

Users should no longer fear this since it will never happen again, now that the beta-testing has ended.

Philip Kaplan believes that this incident influences their website in a negative manner. However, Blippy assures that this episode is not as bad as others might actually think it is.