Windows 10 vs Windows 8.1 Password WiFi Key Recovery

How does the new soon to be released Windows 10 stack up against the older Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 when it comes to WiFi password recovery/

Find out easily by watching the video below on how the Portable Penetrator is running on the exact same configuration and hardware for doing WiFi key

cracking recovery test.

This includes WiFi keys for WPA WPA2 WiFi keys.

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When the Portable Penetrator Professional WiFi Pen Testing software is launching the WiFi Key Recovery.

Iit is utilizing the same techniques as real blackhat attackers would use.

In order to recover the keys it is necessary to launch a real attack with command injection and software monitoring of the WiFi data.

The Portable Penetrator Software uses more than 7 different techniques for WiFi Key Recovery.

It depends on which type of attack must be chosen for the target encryption being used.

Windows 10 VS Windows 8.1 WiFi key Recovery

To perform WiFi Pen Testing on Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 it is performed via Linux container running via Virtual VMware platform.

It is recommended to upgrade to Windows 10 for best performance and driver support compared to Windows 8.1

WiFi DoS Attacks

Attackers also often launch WiFi Denial of Service DoS attacks in order to take down a target access point.

The Portable Penetrator Software can do the same type of Denial of Service attack on the WiFi access point.

You can then find out if your WiFi router is strong enough to withstand a real attack coming from attackers.

Most routers are very weak and vulnerable to most attacks and running with limited memory and CPU power.

Newer more powerful routers can easily withstand attacks if they are updated to the latest software and has the

correct configuration applied.

WiFi Routers still using old insecure encryption

Even modern routers can still be configured to use old and vulnerable encryption.

This can be to allow backwards compatibility of older equipment.

Then after they forget to disable it again.

Even WPS running with default PINs can easily be subject to brute force attacks and be compromised easily.

Or weaker WPA / WPA2 keys can be brute forced by large GPU cracking farms in a matter of hours or days.

WEP encryption can be cracked directly in a few minutes.

WEP WPS WPA WPA2 Encryption Keys

The Portable Penetrator WiFi Pen testing software supports all WiFi Encryption version to allow full penetration testing.

After successful or unsuccessful WiFi Pentest the Portable Penetrator Software will provide professional PDF reporting.

The report can be presented to management or tech

The Portable Penetrator WiFi Password Finder software

It can easily run via VMware Workstation or VMware Player on Windows 10.

 In the video we can analyse in the exact same cracking scenario how the performance differs.

It is tested on the Windows 10 Tech Preview version as of January 2015 so not the final version.

In the comparison we can see Windows 10 has a slight speed improvement over Windows 8.1

Tests has shown Windows 10 to as or even more stable than Windows 8.1