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Windows 10 vs Windows 8.1 Password WiFi Key Recovery

How does the new soon to be released Windows 10 stack up against the older Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 when it comes to WiFi password recovery/

Find out easily by watching the video below on how the Portable Penetrator is running on the exact same configuration and hardware for doing WiFi key

cracking recovery test.

This includes WiFi keys for WPA WPA2 WiFi keys.

Learn more about the Portable Penetrator software click here.

The Portable Penetrator WiFi Password Finder software

It can easily run via VMware Workstation or VMware Player on Windows 10.

 In the video we can analyse in the exact same cracking scenario how the performance differs.

It is tested on the Windows 10 Tech Preview version as of January 2015 so not the final version.

In the comparison we can see Windows 10 has a slight speed improvement over Windows 8.1

Tests has shown Windows 10 to as or even more stable than Windows 8.1

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