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Cloud Security Scanner - Important Information

What is a cloud security scanner?

A cloud security scanner is basically similar to other kinds of security scanners. These security scanners are basically programs that are designed to find out high risk vulnerabilities that might exist in your system/ network and then fix them, or provide suggestions. The security scanners are designed to improve the security of a network and make them more powerful and foolproof, and as a result, there are a number of different kinds of security scanning programs that you can find nowadays. The common security scanners are those that you can install on your computer and use them however you see fit, but now, thanks to cloud computing becoming more and more powerful, people are actually shifting their whole computing servers on the cloud. As a result, using a common security scanning tool becomes redundant and people are forced to make use of a cloud security scanner.

What's it used for?

A cloud security scanner is made to be used on the cloud. It scans all of the files on the cloud, as well as the whole infrastructure of the network in order to determine whether there are any sort of anomalies or security threats that exist. Keep in mind though that these are primarily scanners, and as a result, do not provide active protection. Only the very high end ones would provide round the clock real time protection, but these often come at a very expensive price. The important thing that you need to know about cloud security scanners is that they come at different prices, and often have different functions.

Types of cloud security scanners

Some cloud security scanners are designed to detect any traces of hidden worms or viruses that might exist in your servers, while others are designed to carefully scan the infrastructure of your cloud server and then provide a list of findings or suggestions that can be used in order to get a clear idea of whether the network is exposed or not. Once you find the different ways by which your network can be exposed, you can take measures in order to protect the network and save it from impending attacks. Cloud security scanners are specifically designed by companies depending upon the type of server that you are running, as well as the type of scanning that you wish to perform on your server. Importantly, the thing to keep in mind here is the fact that these cloud security scanners are also available from third party vendors, who usually sell them for a price. These cloud security scanners are obviously not as effective, considering the fact that they are designed to encompass all sorts of errors and exposures. Usually, a database is installed in the cloud security scanner, and the program automatically scans the system and matches the different points of exposure in order to determine whether an anomaly exists or not. Hence, it can be said that a cloud security scanner is only as effective as the database that is used in accordance with the program. 

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