DDoS Attacks

It is a known fact that it will only take a few minutes  for the distributed denial of service attacks to totally  dominate and compromise  a particular site.

This cannot be counteracted by old fashioned protection tools.

The infection process of the DDoS attack is to infect a site first and from there spread to different computers accessing the infected site.


DDoS attacks used in taking down large sites such as YAHOO and AMZON

>Not knowing what happened.

Well, in situations like this, most of the time, the cause of such computer problem is a malicious software program that uses a DDoS type of attack.  DDoS stands for distributed denial of service.

Based on the explanation provided by Gartner, in this type of attack, hackers will send an application that  will prevent  the computer and its memory from using an certain application.


The VP of Gartner (and also a known examiner of the said organization), Avivah Litan,  expressed that' ""2012 saw another level of modernity in sorted out assaults against ventures over the globe, and they will develop in complexity and viability in 2013… … .

Another class of harming DDoS assaults and mischievous criminal social-designing ploys were propelled against U.S.

banks in the second a large portion of 2012, and this will proceed in 2013 also sorted out criminal action exploits shortcomings in individuals, procedures and frameworks."

It ought to be noticed that a more forceful kind of DDoS assaults were experienced by numerous individuals in the

As a way to counteract such attacks, several recommendations were given by Gartner.

This includes informing the people about the different kinds of social engineering schemes used by hackers and teaching them the proper and effective security practices that can help them protect their computers.


Avivah Litan further clarified that, "To battle this danger, endeavors need to return to their system setups, and re-designer them to minimize the harm that should be possible … . Associations that have a basic Web vicinity and can't manage the cost of moderately long disturbances in online administration ought to utilize a layered methodology that joins various DOS protections