WPS & WPA Password Cracking

WiFi Encryption

Both WPA and WPS seem pretty similar.

For those who do not have much knowledge regarding computers and network terminology.

The terms WPA and WPS might not mean nothing except the fact that they can be seen in the drop down menu right besides the dialog box where you enter in your Wi FI pass phrase.

However, very few people actually bother about checking what WPA and WPS really mean.

After all, they are both related to passwords for their wi fi networks, right? Even though they both seem quite similar, there is actually a lot of difference between WPA and WPS, in fact they are both virtually different technologies altogether.

Best WPS WPA Password Cracking Software

WPS Protected Setup

Before we talk about the differences between the two, it is important to understand WPA and WPS really are.

WPS is an abbreviation of Wi Fi Protected Setup.

WPS basically allows you to connect devices to your home network in a very simplified manner.

Now, when using the Wi Fi Protected Setup, there is obviously a pass phrase that is used to gain access to the network, but rather than the user entering the password themselves, the Wi FI Protected Setup process completes the job for you.

WPA on the other hand is short for WiFi Protected Access.

It can be used with a lot of different protocols, most commonly including WPA and WPA2.

This is basically a security certification program that was created by the WiFi Alliance in order to provide security to wireless security networks, the most common ones of which include home networks.

Here are some of the major differences between WPS and WPA cracking.

WPA Security

WPA is becoming pretty much obsolete in daily usage nowadays mainly because it makes use of encryption technology that has become pretty much outdated and has also become quite easy to crack.

That is the reason why WPA 2 was created.

WPA 2 provides stronger security encryption and allows a home network to remain secure and immune to a range of different kinds of hacks and cracks.