Game from Doctor Who bears Threat

Users are being cautioned about the spread of illegitimate duplicates of the recently distributed game Doctor Who.

The copies of the game, which was released during the weekend, are already being disseminated in various P2P networks and these copies hold some kind of astounding malicious contents.

Non-UK dwellers are off-limits

City of the Daleks, a license-payer-funded game, was distributed by BBC on Friday of the previous week and this was intended to be given for free only to the citizens of UK. However, the non-UK residents who are also Time Lord-enthusiasts were designated to pay in order to get a copy of the said game at another scheduled date.

Those from outside UK are currently being blocked by the geo-location technology from downloading the game from the UK-based website.

Getting copies illegally is totally dangerous

Chris Boyd, a security expert representing Sunbelt Software, spoke some words of warning, which were aimed at the game aficionados from other foreign countries.

He discouraged players from searching for the game on the popular P2P networks since this might just bring them harm. Boyd added that there are duplicates that ooze with authenticity but these copies appear in diverse sizes and names.

The original copy may have the name Installer-CityoftheDaleks.exe and size of about 331MB.

However, the fans of this game might encounter such file that has a filename of Setup.exe and a larger file size of over 475MB.

Genuine-looking items can fool users

Users should also be cautious since even if the file had the exact name and size of the authentic game, the downloadable copy might actually be just a fake.

Vicious criminals also have their shady tactic wherein a user will be asked to deactivate the antivirus program installed in the computer before he or she can start downloading the game.

Boyd gave a warning on his recent blog post regarding the malicious content of the fake copy of this game, which can be downloaded through P2P networks.

He said that it might just be too strong that even the presently available antivirus programs are incapable of fixing the harm that can be brought on a computer system.

He also included some screenshots of the authentic copy of the game and its fake counterpart.

The security expert said that he is currently examining the files he has on hand.

And, he will quickly share the details upon finalizing his study on the fake game files.