Pirated Android Mobile Apps

That groovy pirated Android keyboard you may be downloading could spell doom to any and all Android users because it's been repurposed by a mobile software developer to become dangerous cyber espionage malware used to steal all your passwords from your online accounts and whatnot.

In short, experts and security researchers warn that the SwiftKey Android mobile keyboard... or at least the "'non-propriety" pirated version that's available online... serves as a trap for unsuspecting Android users that enables hackers to spy on their online activities and record valuable personal information.

As popular as SwiftKey is, the third-party software is best purchased from official sources to avoid getting bamboozled by a counterfeit package.

Cracked or pirated apps have always been a primary concern

For software companies because a lot of their hard work is rendered moot since pirates make their software available free of charge without their permission.

With that said, a pirated and compromised SwiftKey virtual keyboard is a special kind of "evil" in the sense that people hoping to get a free and useful app would end up getting their info stolen again.

Of course, one could almost say this is karma for those who would rather get propriety products free without any regard for copyright or ownership of software developers and their respective companies (digital piracy, if you will), but that's a separate issue altogether.
If you're one of those who regularly downloads or torrents your software for use in your Android, it may be a good idea to buy Swiftkey instead of finding a cracked or pirated SwiftKey because many of the "free" copies of this program are modified and "backdoored" through a hacking instrument called the "Apktool".

There are crackers out there who use their knowledge of Android and Java along with the aforementioned tool to create a backdoor opener that compromises your Android and leaves its information accessible to all the online outlaws, cybercriminals, black hat hackers, and virtual villains out there.
This app... the Trojan-loaded Keylogger SwiftKey APK... can record all your important login details that will allow any hacker worth his salt to wreak havoc on all your personal accounts.

The "keylogging" part of the Keylogger SwiftKey APK is a ruse; what it is capable of is disassembling your Android, which is why it's known as an Android app disassembler.

This shows that pirated and cracked Android apps are a grave security risk.

Here's how it works.

First, it disassmbles the SwiftKey keyboard, codes the keylogger code and delivers the keylogs to a server that's then reassembled via the Apktool that enables them access to the victimized Android.

It still needs installation before it can work, though.