New Chrome Patches

On the latest news broadcast, the web giant Google released its updates that were intended for the total of 11 security threats detected on their product Chrome. And, at the same time, Apple also distributed their most recent edition of the WebKit counterpart, Safari 5.

Patch after the product’s long steady days

The latest update released by Google is the version 5.0.375.70 and this is compatible to different operating systems such as the Linux, Mac, and Windows.

This new patch is actually the newest patch long after the established editions of the Mac and Linux-compatible Google Chrome browsers were distributed for public use.

The security vulnerabilities found by the engineers of Google were found to have different heights of severity.

There were about nine holes, which were considered as high-level kinds of threats. The other hole appeared to be less critical; hence, it was categorized as medium-level vulnerability only.

The web giant fixed about eleven threats lurking within their very own browsers using the recently-manufactured patches.

The holes had different forms and these were: cross-site scripting vulnerabilities, memory corruption, and infringement of the Linux sandbox.

The last hole was the error in the geolocation functions of the Google Chrome.

This fault emerges right after a certain document has been deleted.

Finding a hole can be profitable

It has been proven that helping companies in finding security glitch can assist an individual in earning some cash.

According to the latest report regarding Google’s newest update, a security expert gained just about 2,000 US dollars as a reward directly from the popular search firm.

This researcher discovered the error located in the DOM method and the company gave a prize for detecting the glitches in the code.

The upgrade was initiated as a response to the opponent’s update that was also distributed on Monday.

Apple released their Safari 5 and this assisted in patching up about 48 security holes.

According to the company’s security experts, the vulnerabilities on Apple’s browser were mostly located on the WebKit, a tool that is also utilized by Google Chrome. The update that was distributed by Apple is the biggest one, which was done for this present year of 2010.