IT Security Encyclopedia Part 6

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Learn about how to secure your network from remote attackers.

How can you deploy correct Risk management in your organization?

How do attackers exploit HTTP header injection vulnerabilities?

How can XSS Cross Site Scripting be exploited remotely?

The most popular remote attacks

When an attacker breaks in to a website.

Cross Site Scripting attacks is easy to deploy for an attacker can easily obtain sensitive information.

From the target system that can be used to base other attacks on that can lead to full compromise.

Another popular attack vector that is easy to deploy with automated tools includes SQL Injection attacks.

With SQL Injection vulnerabilities remote black hat attackers can easily manipulate the SQL Database behind the website.

They can by this gain access to usernames, passwords.

Gain access to the full database to launch cracking attacks if encrypted passwords.

It is also possible to cause Denial of Service of the site hindering operation. 

If the target is a webshop it can be costly if the site goes offline.

They can also change the prices of product and if they change the prices to legitimate looking they can potential order products at discounted pricing.

Learn how you can audit your own SQL databases for vulnerabilities to prevent hackers from compromising your site.

What are the benefits of using a network security vulnerability scanner on your public and local IPs?

How do open redirects automatically get exploited

By attackers, automated robots or worms?

Scan your site for open mail relay see if robots and spammers can take advantage of your relay and send large amount of spam out from your server.

By having open relays open too long it is just a matter of time before being compromised or added to official black lists.

Getting on an official black list can be very hard to get off again.

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