The website became live in the month

October and is one of the most sensitive websites in the U.S.

An official form the HHS, Roberta Stempfley, who is the security secretary informed that the website was hacked near to 15 times and all this between 6th and 8th November, however, the attempt to hack the site failed.

The nature of these attempts was not specified but the experts working in the committee have warned that in some time, the website may be hacked.

The site contains very sensitive information about the U.S citizens. is broken vulnerable

Broken and flawed design according to John McAfee.

Also, a new toll has been released; this will hit the website with unwanted traffic which it may not be able to handle.

This tool is also being investigated.

The website is not easy to access and is not very reliable also.

The nature of the website, having architecture of no attack and the request rate make it unique and unlikely to be attacked.

The website is definitely very high-profile being a public website and after spending millions of dollars, the design is not very good.

From the security point, there have been penetration tests and remedies have been worked out.

The security experts still state that the website is not to the mark and the crash is just like an accident about to happen.

The Obama HealthCare website hacked

They maintain that the website has either already been hacked or will be hacked soon.

They think that there are critical and functional problems in the website, there has been a 17 page long file containing the issues with the site.

They are not making these issues public considering the sensitivity and critical of the contents in the site.

The committees of Space, Technology and Science with the House of Representatives are running enquiries in to the functionality and security aspects of the website.

If hacked, it is going to be a great bane for the government no doubt!