Upgrade to the latest Protector V54 for Extended Protection

SecPoint RBL List

The new SecPoint RBL List has been extended from to 1.5 from 1.3 million blocking of toxic attackers.

Increased protection to prevent attacks with the SecPoint RBL List and a combination of 12 RBL Lists with more than 640 Million Toxic IP blocking

  • Toxic Hosting providers known for ransomware attacks.
  • Hacked systems in botnets.
  • Countries with overly high Hacker representation (Russia, China.. )
  • Hacked IoT devices.
  • Hacked servers.
  • Hacked Email systems.
  • Hacked SQL systems.
  • Toxic Internet Service Providers that are not blocking attackers.

Up to date RBL Lists 

The RBL Block Lists are Automatically updated several times daily. 

The default configuration is to check for new updates in the Protector every 6 hours.

This can help you to fast prevent outbreaks from new toxic hosts that have been identified by the multiple RBL lists.

Chances are the attackers will be blocked before they have a chance to even attack your systems.

SecPoint Protector UTM Firewall with extended RBL lists

To be sure to block the attacker even if they are not listed in the SecPoint RBL List or the 12 RBL Lists 640 Million.

There are other prevention mechanisms in place such as blocking Entire countries with updated IP lists.

This could be if you do not have business in countries with high blackhat hacker activity such as Russia & China it can be a good way to block them off.

SecPoint Intrusion Prevention System

And on top of the extensive Intrusion Prevention System IPS can actively block attacks coming in with more than 40.000 databases.

It blocks specific new exploits even if the customer have not time to install the latest patches.

It blocks for open SQL Databases that can easily be hacked.

Open network administration web interfaces.

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Automatically block 1000s of attacks daily

On average home connections just within 24 hours the Protector can easily be blocking more than 2000 attacks.

This will happen automatically without the user have to do anything.

This can be automated worms, ransomware attacks, script kiddies & network scanners.