Spam from FIFA spreads again

The FIFA World Cup 2010 event is used by the online crooks once again to attract users in opening the spam mails.

This valuable notice came from one of the trusted security firms, Trend Micro.

One-of-a-kind tactic lures the users effectively

The e-mails sent by the vicious web criminals are attached with a .

PDF file that tells the users of the information regarding the lottery in which they won.

Additional instructions are included therein, which tells the user what he or she must do to collect the reward.

According to the written direction, the individual must send his or her personal information to the specified contact person as one of the requirements in obtaining the prize.

Same people engaged in similar events

As said by Jovi Umawing, the representative of the technical communications department of Trend Micro, this case of spamming is nothing but an attention-grabbing activity.

It was found out upon examining the spam mail that a certain Mrs.

Michelle Matins, an Executive Vice-president of a company, was also the person involved in the 419 scam or more commonly known as the Nigeria scam.

In addition, some of the sample unsolicited mails apparently did not have any .PDF file attached to them.

It was also seen in the spam messages that someone named Geoff Thompson used the position of FIFA’s vice-president in order to make this malicious activity appear to be real.

It was discovered, by looking back at the previous reports on scam, that this same person was once involved in the identical activity.

Based on the thorough investigation done by the Trend Micro, Umawing concluded that the same tactic was used during the first World Cup scam dating back in the year 2009.

It was found out that the spam messages sent before also told the recipient that they won in a certain online lottery.

Watchfulness must always be maintained

According to CNN, FIFA World Cup 2010 is the initial event in this social media age and it is most probable that many kinds of interactive movements will occur in response to this changing era.

As a piece of advice, Umawing wrote that people should me more cautious of these type of scams now that the tournament is coming.