Hardware Bug Detector

Find out if hardware has been planted at your site for spying on your conversations and sniff your data.

The military grade hardware bug detectors can find out if there are any devices that are sending data.

detector to find and eliminate bugs and other sniffing devices in your office.

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Choose between four different models for different applications.

Detect any snooping devices in common places such as wireless cameras, wireless microphones, GSM tracking devices in office, hotel room, swimming pools, dressing rooms, schools.

HS-007 Mini - Good detection, easy to operate

The easy to carry small device HS-007 Mini allows for 70 dB scanning range.
It can detect frequency in the 1MHz to 8000 MHz band

HS-007 Pro - Detecting with 6 different pro modes

The mid size model HS-007 Pro comes with Vibration mode for silent operation.
User friendly light indicators for detection. High Sensitivity detection.

HS-007 Plus - Choose cellphone bands you want to detect

The Most popular model HS007Plus comes with 40 days standby time 15 hours locker mode, 3 hours operation time.

HS C3000 Plus - Which is professional detecting system

Further more it also, is a detecting system, and frequency counter /finer. We recommend this model.

The largest model HS C3000 Plus is designed for professional usage.
It can detect 0-10 GHz wireless signals.
Detect popular LTE bands in USA, Europe.

All devices comes with rechargeable battery and an AC power adapter.

Easily discover if you are being monitored by a third party without your consent.

It can also be tracking devices places in your laptop without you knowing it.

With a strong detector it is the best measure against physical unauthorized tracking and spying attempts.

The devices are available in black stealth design that wont give much attention when walking around with a device to sweep and area.

This can keep you as anonymous as possible when sweeping for bug spying devices in your home, office or car.