New Release Free Threaded SYN TCP Port Scanner 3.0 released

Download the high performance threaded SYN TCP port scanner to scan your systems for open ports.

Discover if there are open ports left behind which can be exploited by attackers.

It is recommended to only have the minimum amount of TCP ports open that is required for services to be operational and block off all other ports.

Version 3.0 - 2 November 2011

## 3.0    Added a number of new features: 
    - Added host name determination

- Added alternative -o <filename> for yield to document in plain content organization

- Added alternative -gracious <filename> for yield to record in HTML position

- Added alternative -bull <filename> for yield to record in xml group


Added ease in scanning for TCP Ports with Syn technique

- Reversed the significance of -r : as a matter of course shows port names, with -r does

not demonstrate to them

- Skipping copied open ports: Due to the low postpone between two

sends, the pcap library may call the get work various times

for the same port. Expanding the postponement time, this issue can be

avoided, yet it will ease off handling.

With this arrangement, its

conceivable to keep a low postpone and evade copies on the double.

- Changed name to "portscanner"

- Added target host name to yield, if given

- Removed printing of choices -w and -n for Connect examine

- Help message changed by new choices
    - Fixed mistyped word "Receovery" 
    - Renamed net.h into pscan.h to collect general program definitions 
    - Moved version number to macro PSCAN_VERSION 
    - unified output by using fprintf(stdout), fprintf(stderr) or 
    - Improved indentation of code 
    - Removed commented lines of code 
    - Removed useless function print_status() 
    - Removed useless return statements 
    - Renamed macro OPENED to OPEN


- Moved generic output functions to output.c