How to Hack WiFi Key password in Windows Software

Can Portable Penetrator run on Windows XP?

Yes you can run easily with VMware Player and recover WPA WPA2 WPS PIN passwords.

Please see Portable Penetrator WiFi Finder Software here:

Hacking a WiFi password in Windows XP might seem like a great idea, but unless you are able to gain access to the computer which is connected to the network, you might have to resort to different methods.

Windows XP was a pretty powerful operating system when it became available to the general public, but with the passage of time, Microsoft has introduced newer and powerful operating systems, and support for Windows XP has all but ended.

However, that does not mean that there aren’t people who still use this massively popular operating system.

If you, or anybody you know is using Windows XP, getting their password is actually quite a simplistic process. Here’s how:

Get access to their computer

Let’s suppose that your neighbor uses Windows XP, and you need to get access to their WiFi network.

The best way to do so would be to just get access to their computer.

Then, when you are online, all you have to do is to first click on the bottom right tray that shows you the network signal bars, and then right clicks on the connected network, and finally go on properties.

From there, go to Security, and you will be able to see their password and SSID (which is the network name).

Right below that, you will see a small box which you can tick, that says ‘Show password’.

Click on that box, and you will be able to see their password right on the screen.

Re- ticking the box will then hide the password again, and you can easily depart and tell them that your work is done. Then, just connect to the network again, but this time enter the password that you found earlier.

Lo and behold, you have successfully connected to the network again!


Use a brute force attacking tool

The next option is to use a brute force attacking tool.

Usually, the standard WiFi encryption provided by Windows XP is WPA, whereas the latest one in use is WPA2.

However, if you have an updated WiFi card and driver, you can also use WPA2- PSK encryption.

Download a powerful tool such as Reaper Crack, and then run it. The program will try and match each character in the password tray with one from the database, until it is able to effectively figure out the whole password.

Depending upon the complexity and the length of the password, this might take a bit of time.

However, if you have time and are free, you can leave the tool running in the background.