Halo: Gaming Vulnerability Leak

This hasn’t been the first time Halo games were leaked

Out before its release date and it might be the last.  

Halo 2 and Halo 3 were victims of being leaked earlier than its release date.

The most recent Halo game ODST was also a leaked by French gamer.

Halo: Reach is the last chapter of the popular first person shooter game which is designed to run on the Xbox 360.

Hackers from the website known as GameTuts were able to download a legitimate copy right under Microsoft’s eye. 

Supposedly only game reviewers with the proper access codes would be able to download the game, but alas! These hackers were able to circumvent the seemingly inadequate security measures that were put in place.

The group claims that the copy of the game is fully licensed, and that there is no need to use a modified Xbox to run it.

They maintain that they have no intention to distribute the copy yet copies of the game appeared on Pirate bay and on many other torrent sites.


Previous Halo leaks needed an Xbox modified with the JTAG hack to run.

Users of such consoles were banned by Microsoft from using their Xbox Live services.

What has Microsoft done after hearing about this hack? They are still investigating the issue.

Any information like YouTube videos, links, and downloads related to the game are being treated as leaks. YouTube videos showcasing Halo: Reach’s highlights are slowly being taken down as well as posts related to it.

Most likely we will see pirated copies of this game appear on other file sharing networks.

A modified version of the game that requires a modified Xbox console has already appeared in P2P networks.

Trying to play with this copy would definitely result in more than a lifetime’s worth of being banned from Xbox’s Live services.

It is very lucky for Microsoft that the fully licensed copy hasn’t appeared yet for download.