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SecPoint Hardware Vendors

SecPoint is an established and trusted company. Being such, we meticulously choose our partners in delivering the needs and products our customers need.
SecPoint has chosen to work with the BEST and biggest IT Hardware vendors.

This makes use the end user in the end receive the best product

The highest quality can guarantee the lowest repair rates, fastest delivery and highest performance for the price.
We use the best vendor for WiFi adapters for customers that want to receive Wifi Defender module protection or Portable Penetrator Wifi Pen Testing software.

Worldwide warranty for powerful hardware

We have chosen only to use the best hardware vendors in the world. This gives the customers the most reliable solutions possible.
SecPoint is working with different vendors that includes: Caswel, Nexcom, Dell, Morex, Intel, Alfa.
Nexcom is founded in 1992 Taipei, Taiwan. Nexcom is a leader in digital infrastructure. Nexcom uses the best of industrial computing parts.
SecPoint has worked for more than 7 years with Nexcom.

Choosing the best network hardware appliances for 24 hour operation

We chose to work with Dell for special needs that can not be filled by any other vendor.
By having Dell as our hardware provider, you, our cherished customers, will receive full support for three years on all equipment and local repair options in your own country! Isn't that a sweet deal?
SecPoint has worked with Dell for more than 4 years.
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