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Gain a speed boost to your virtual machine running on your laptop

If you have a newer laptop from 2009 and onward you might have the benefit to increase virtual machine performance greatly with up to 30-40%.

This could be when you run the Portable Penetrator Wifi Auditor, Penetrator or Protector UTM.

Enable Virtualization Intel VT X when running programs

Such as VMware Player or VMware Workstation for a big performance boost.

Disclaimer Warning:

Always make a backup of sensitive data before touching the BIOS to prevent any damage.

So what you need to do is to reboot your laptop and get into the BIOS.

You can get in to the bios by pressing F2 , F10 or another key depending on your laptop brand.

Then you head to Configuration or Security Menu and you will see a Virtual Technology Tab.

It might be disabled by default and you simple enable it.

Remember to save your configuration and reboot.

It can be a different text than on the Image.


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