Secure your site easily block entire country if under attack

Are you under attack from different IP ranges and it is too much to block one by one.

In the Protector UTM Firewall appliance as shown in the video below step by step you can easily block a country.

As an example if you are under attack from many different Chinese IP addresses you can easily block everything coming from China with just one click.

Of course if you have customers in a specific country you can easily unblock it again a few days later when the attack has stopped.

So you do not loose any orders from the country.

The Protector UTM Firewall Appliance country blocking

It is useful when under attack such as Denial of Service DoS or Distributed DDoS to be able to block all IP addresses flooding from a specific country.

You can do that easily in the Protector firewall with just one click.

This can help you avoid the attack.

Block countries that are sending click fraud

They also send out scraper bots, flooding bots, click bots to cause havoc.

It is also useful to block countries that are sending out scraper bots, stealing web content, click fraud or in other harmful ways hurting a site.

There can be several thousands of IP addresses flooding you in an attack since it makes sense to block off the entire country subnets.

You can also easily block specific single IPs or IP ranges with CIDR format as you need.

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