Windows 10 is spying on you and harvesting your sensitive data

Windows 10 has finally been released and set out to be a very popular operating system.

With more than 60 million installs in the first week it is set to be one of the more popular Microsoft operating systems.

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17 steps to follow to stop all the

Windows 10 spying data collection

After the huge disaster of Windows 8 such as removing basic functionality users are used to such as the start menu many where forced to stay on Windows 7.


Windows 8 Disaster mess forced

users to stay on Windows 7

Now with Windows 10 it includes the best points from Windows 7 and Windows 8 and many users have finally wanted to migrate to it.


Windows 10 is free but with a price of your privacy

To many users surprise Windows 10 comes as a free upgrade where Windows 8 did cost money.

Now there is a downside that Microsoft has implemented heavy data collection, spying on the users and harvesting data from the user.


A saying goes: If the product is free the users data is the product

Step by Step guide to stop spying in Windows 10


1: Settings Privacy and you get 13 Sub tabs

Click start button and type Settings and you will get the settings page:


Click on privacy

Most important are to disable in the General tab but better explore all 13


Windows 10 - Privacy - General set all 4 options to off

Windows 10 Privacay Options


Windows 10 - Privacy - Location

If you do not want your location being tracked better disable that as well

It is recommended to set it to OFF

On this page it is a little tricky to disable the Location since you need not just click on the page but click the Change button to disable

Windows 10 Privacy Location


Windows 10 - Privacy - Camera

Here you can control which apps are allowed to use the Webcam.

Here you can disable all and example only allow Skype to use it if you make Skype calls

Windows 10 privacy camera


Windows 10 - Privacy - Microphone

Just as above it is recommended to set it to off.

Windows 10 privacy microphone


Windows 10 - Privacy - Speech Inking & typing

Stop getting to know me can prevent Windows 10 profiling your.

Windows 10 Privacy Speech


Windows 10 - Privacy - Account Info

This is again recommended to disable.

This option can allow programs to access your name picture and more sensitive data.

Windows 10 Privacy Account


Windows 10 - Privacy - Contacts

Here you can see which apps has access to your contacts.

It is recommended to disable all 3 options

Windows 10 Privacy Contacts


Windows 10 - Privacy - Calendar

Here apps can see your birthday that can be abused in password attacks or sending you birthday specific advertisement.

It is recommended to disable calendar access to apps.

Windows 10 Privacy calendar


Windows 10 - Privacy - Messaging

It is recommended to Disable this option since it can allow apps to access your messages.

Windows 10 Privacy Messaging


Windows 10 - Privacy - Radios

It is recommended to disable this option.

Windows 10 Privacy Radios


Windows 10 - Privacy - Other Devices

Here you can disable this option if you do not need to sync with any other PCs or tabs.

It is recommended to disable it however if you get problems syncing with devices you can enable it again.

Remember there are 2 options on this page also Cruzer Blade to disable.

Windows 10 Privacy Other devices


Windows 10 - Privacy - Feedback Diagnostics

Here you are sending sensitive data to Microsoft about your usage.

This can be abused.

It is recommended to disable both options.

Please note the second option you can only set to Basic and not fully disable.

Windows 10 Privacy Feedback


Windows 10 - Privacy - Background apps

Here you can disable as many apps as possible you do not want to run in the background.

If you dont use any of those apps in the list disable everything

Windows 10 Privacay Background apps


How to Disable Cortana for Privacy Concerns

Disable Cortana Microsofts new search system if not being used:

Reports are showing Cortana records all the user is typing.

Click on the Search box and settings and set to disable both options.

Disable Hidden option that can only be disabled from Microsoft Website

Windows 10 Privacy Cortana


Now Microsoft is hiding and important setting that is important to their Tracking.

It is hidden on their website you cant even disable it in Windows 10.

Set both options on the page to OFF on the Microsoft opt out url.

It is related to : Personalized ads wherever I use my Microsoft account”

And be careful on this option early reports indicate that even when users have it turned off it might switch back on automatically.


Windows 10 Privacay Ads


Optional extra security you can remove your Microsoft

Online account and only use local account

Only remove this if you are very concerned about Privacy.

It might loose features such as settings synchronize on multiple PCs, Windows Store access, OneDrive and other services.

If you do not use any of those it is recommended to disable it.

Goto Settings - Accounts - Your account - click on sign in with a local account instead

 Windows 10 Privacy Local Accounts


Prevent Windows 10 in sharing your WiFi Password

Disable Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense Password Sharing

Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage Wi-Fi settings

Windows 10 Spying Sharing WiFi Password


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