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Humyo now owned by Trend

On the latest news broadcast, the popular security firm has already taken the rights over the manufacturer of the online storage and synchronization, Humyo.

A one-of-a-kind company leads the web community

According to Leeds, the online storage company offers unique features to the web users. The functions that may be used by users are backing up of files and sharing of data via the web-service. However, the terms of deal between Humyo and Trend Micro were not yet broadcasted even as of the present.

Preparations are already being made

There was an important reason as to why Trend Micro got hold of the web storage.

As stated by the security firm, the company plans to incorporate the feature into their online security portfolio upon obtaining the ownership over Humyo.

The security firm has been planning to tie up this storage service with the protective features of their company.

And, upon completion of the plan, Trend Micro will present their newest merchandise that is aimed at offering web-based back-up and disaster recovery type of function to various users including both the individuals and minor business groups.

Perfect match has been discovered Based on the statement made by Eva Chen, the chief executive of Trend Micro, Humyo has an exceptional form of service in which they can guarantee users that their files are protected at all times and that these are very well arranged.

Chen added that the online storage feature of this company is essentially just a cloud technology.

Also, this service matches perfectly with the security firm’s approach when it comes to providing full protection on the cloud.

In addition, the online storage company has an advanced tool when it comes to data synchronization.

Hence, automatic back-up of files into the cloud from different machines like computers, Mac, and smartphones has been made possible.

Storing files into a cloud is proven to be very effective since it allows the individuals to feely access their documents using any kind devices that they currently have in possession.

Continuous advancements is witnessed During the past few months, the security firm has been doing activities that are all aiming at increasing the coverage of their web-based security services.

Innovations on the hosted e-mail security service were made during the month of March.

And, the previous month was spent on the opening of the web-based port of the offering Worry Free Business.