Organizations are under constant new and emerging

Sophisticated digital threats.

Coming from within their own local networks and from aboard via the public Internet.

Ever increasing demands to the organizations

To meet new requirements for being secure.

Use the latest technologies to accomplish that.

This put an increasing capacity concern to the organizations to keep up with the new technology and continuously educate their personnel. 

New complex technology opens up for new threat areas that can threaten the organization.

Key areas an UTM Firewall Appliance

Can reduce the threat risk to includes:

Exploits being carried out by automated robots, worms, malware or black hat attackers. An UTM Firewall Appliance can minimize those threats via the Intrusion Prevention Module with advanced Zero Day protection that can detect abnormalities in the traffic. And effectively block those attacks even if the end point vulnerable software are missing key patches

Viruses, Phishing Attacks, Sensitive Information leakage, Social Engineering, Trojans, Spam, Worms, Malware and other dangerous content coming in via email. It is very easy for attackers to penetrate and organization simple by sending an email with dangerous content. On an unprotected site this can lead to full compromise of the network. With an UTM Firewall Appliance using Advanced Email Module can do full scanning of both incoming and outgoing mails. By doing that it can eliminate viruses, phishing attacks, Worms, Malware, Trojans and advanced social engineering attempts.

Increasing threat to organizations is the risk of productivity loss by the personnel. This can happen by web surfing to non-work related sites. Spending time reading news, watching non-work related videos, sending of personal mails. With UTM Firewall Appliance web filtering module the organization can easily setup policies and time frames when non productivity activities will be restricted. This can for example be blocking of non work related websites during work hours and automatically during breaks open up the access via the time based web filter module.

Local Content Control of Applications. Unauthorized usage of applications such as P2P file sharing, Computer Network Games, VoIP applications, Instant Chat Programs. With an UTM Firewall Appliance allows full control of P2P traffic to avoid downloading of copyrighted materials on the network. Control Personnel Productivity by blocking Network Games. Blocking of Instant Chat programs, VoIP Traffic that can potentially leak sensitive information and take up time. Data Leak Prevention DLP Module can neutralize those threats in an easy way from a central point.

Loss of important mails deleted by malicious personnel or by human error. An UTM Firewall Appliance comes with full mail archive functionality. This allows to archive all incoming and outgoing mails on the local hard drive and with external backup. This can also cover a terrorist law in some countries that forces organizations to log all incoming and outgoing mails for a specific period of time. This way it can be easily possible to release old mails from the quarantine.

Wifi Attacks bypassing Perimeter security. Rouge Access Points creating backdoors. Attackers can in many cases easily penetrate the wifi security by using latest techniques to bypass the security. Wifi DoS, Denial of Service preventing the Wifi from functioning. This can happen via Spoofing attacks, Weak Password Attacks, Vulnerable unpatched Access Points compromise, Weak Encryption. An UTM Firewall Appliance featuring Wifi Defender technology can identify wifi attackers,  rogue access points, and decrease the threats.

Insecure un encrypted traffic by remote personnel. This can be a person from organization that has to travel to another location and still need to be able to login to the internal network for access materials for work. It can be login to services remotely in an insecure way. Here the UTM Firewall Appliance VPN Virtual Private Network module can help encrypt connections between different locations or for remote personnel that has to login remotely. This way all the traffic can easily be encrypted.

Local Visitors spreading worms,malware,virus. When an organization have local visitors connecting a laptop, mobile device or storage device can leads to serious infections across the local networks. With an UTM Firewall Appliance, it can be allowed to create DMZ Wifi zones where the visitors can connect and be quarantined in this zone and any attempts to spread dangerous content would be neutralized.

After successfully deployment of an UTM Firewall Appliance it is important to continuous get reporting and statistics to make sure the human mal configuration do not occur.

Make sure all the correct modules are enabled and that it is kept up to date and in a healthy state.

Another important factor can be redundancy via high availability solution.

This can allow multiple appliances work in parallel and take over if one unit fails to keep ensure the secure level.