Indian Godzilla havoc World Wide

Godzilla... the hacker from India, not the famous, taller-than-a-building lizard capable of shooting atomic fire breath from his mouth... wreaks his revenge on Pakistan government websites in light of evidence that the nation's administration is involved with terrorist activities and whatnot.

The Indian record has been updated successfully!!monster cyber attacker takes down several important Pakistani webpages as a protest to terror attacks linked back to the country.

He took down those sites like he was the actual Godzilla flattening cities and unleashing his own brand of chaos in Tokyo, Japan.

He was a virtual force of nature for quite a while, such that over 15 targets were brought to their proverbial knees. 

His retaliatory efforts were reported on a hacker news site

His disclaimer was that no innocent website was harmed during his rampage.

He states that every last site he breached deserved what they got to them, and he didn't attack any innocent Pakistani sites that had nothing to do with the Pakistan government's alleged questionable actions that outright sponsored terrorism and terrorist groups.

His only focus was compromising and putting offline government institutions.

Only 4 of the 15 have so far been restored at the time of writing, while most others remain unavailable and unreachable (such as the Ministry of Railways, the Ministry of Environment, and the Ministry of Science and Technology). 

A proxy server is used by the Pakistan leadership located at a certain IP to keep cyber attacks like this from making a great impact. However, this time around, the proxy was not enough to defend against Godzilla and his revenge.

He stomped through that security measure like it's a tall building waiting to be crushed underfoot.

The configuration of the server had something to do with this window of opportunity for the Godzilla hacker to attack, such that a local IP was running through said server.

The Indian cracker was able to penetrate through the IBM local server using BladeCenter, which is IBM's Layer 2-3 Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module.

Godzilla's savvy hacking tactics and his awareness that the proxy was running via a local system IP enabled him to make short work of the protective virtual barricade and breeze through the many different Pakistani websites.

The hacktivist is not a lone crusader, at that.

To be true, there's a history between Indian and Pakistani hackers that could be compared to an ongoing family feud of sorts.

Because it's the 21st century, any and all hostilities between the two have been spilling over the virtual world.

Defacements are common place, and this is just the latest installment in the continuing rivalry between the two countries.