Major Cyber Attacks in 2014

Violation of Ukraine’s CEC’s Security System

CyberBerkut’, which is known for defaming around 40 native media websites and conducting a DDOS (distributed denial-of-service) attack on NATO’s infrastructure did the unthinkable.

The pro-Russian gang invaded Ukraine’s Central Election Commission’s security system and stole an extensive archive of confidential emails and technical records of its system administrators.

This happened only few days prior to the general elections.

Hacking of Ebay

It will be a wise choice to change your Ebay password now as the company’s official websites clearly states that it is experiencing a cyber-attack.

As per the reports, hackers have managed to capture a large chunk of the company’s employee credentials.

This has prompted illegal access to Ebay’s corporate network.

Aggressive investigations are underway led by chief security experts and law enforcement agencies. 

SnapChat Hack is a reality

It is now proven that around 4.6million usernames and numbers have been posted online on a site named

The information is available for viewing and downloading. The website official stated that all the data was received through a freshly identified and scratched SnapChat develop.

Furthermore, the website is utilizing this data for optimizing the messaging. 

University of Maryland Targeted

Are you in any way connected to the University of Maryland such as a teacher, student or employee? In case you are then there is every reason to panic since the university has experienced a massive data breach.

Around 300,000 personal records containing SSNs have been hacked. T

he breached data includes crucial information like university’s security ID of the member, name, University ID number, social security number and date of birth. 

Hackers broke into BIPS, Stole 1000 Bitcoins

Denmark BIPS accounts were cracked by a gang of cyber criminals and around 1,295 bitcoins have been stolen.

This is an equivalent of more than one million dollars.

This incident has outraged a majority of Bitcoins owners and they have accused BIPS authorities for carelessness and frivolousness.

Not just this but one of the bitcoins owners has started a sign-up campaign against BIPS so that a legal action could be undertaken against them. Read full news

Team Madleets Hacked Google’s Malaysian Domain

Apparently, Google’s Malaysian domains were hijacked by a group identified as “Team Madleets.”

The Hacker, a website, already predicted this attack and reported that this will be a DNS poisoning attack.

DNS poisoning has already targeted Google domains in numerous other regions as well in the past.

As a result of this attack, Google’s domains were inactive for several hours.

Cyber-attack on Feedly and Evernote

A popular note-taking app “Evernote” and “Feedly,” an RSS reader, were attacked and the hackers demanded ransom from the respective sites so that the apps resume their online status. Both Evernote and Feedly work together and have confirmed this news that their apps have suffered DDoS attack.  

DDoS is that kind of cyber-attack which is aimed at taking sites offline and user data is not compromised. 

Anonymous Hedge-Fund Targeted

CNBC reported that an unnamed hedge fund has become the new victim of cyber-attack.

The hackers managed to fix a malicious computer program on the hedge fund’s servers. This interrupted the high-speed trading and sending information and this information was sent to unknown parties.