Android Nexus Security

He has published that this message can surely crash the remote nexus phones.

Now, Class 0 messages, are those messages which never goes into inbox, but instead of that, it is shown as pop up and one has to decide whether he/she is willing to read the message or just discard it immediately. 

Recently, Bodgan Alecu, revealed that this message will show above all the active windows, which might be operating on that phone and it is having a semi transparent layer over it.

Nexus phones vulnerable to specific messages containing attack inside

Now coming to the main bug, which is quite surprising.

Actually nexus phones are not having any sound notification systems, which allows the attacker to send tons of messages at once, which will force the phone to misbehave.

Alecu, in recently hosted Defcon, demonstrated how these pile of messages can hamper the operation of nexus phone.

Once it receives more than 30 messages, it begins to misbehave and later one it either crashes out or the applications, which are running on that time crashes out.

Google aware of Vulnerability Patch Coming

Now according to him, Google is very much aware of this thing, but they have not taken proper steps to countermeasure this bug.

Alecu has also pointed out an App, which will take care of all these Class 0 bugs.  

In the coming days, it seems as if there are thousands of minor bugs present in smart phones, which are still to be rectified by their respective companies.

Though, one can only depend on avid bloggers and publishers who work hard to bring these minor things out in public, so that companies can take these things seriously.

Google is doing a big effort to remove low quality apps with data gathering from the Android App Store.

It is important to only install apps that are of trusted vendors and make sure the Android device it self has the latest Android security patch level.

To avoid that remote attackers can use the device to gain control or install malware.

Another big problem is stealing the users private data without the user even knowing it and selling it to third party vendors.

So always make sure to uninstall unused or non trusted Apps from the phone.