What is the Necessity of Vulnerability Scanning

To improve your network?

Running Vulnerability Scanning of your entire network is a key must for most organizations.

The importance to scan your local and public network is bigger now than ever before.

To discover vulnerabilities In your local network behind the perimeter that can easily be exploited.

Vulnerabilities in your Public network in services such

Including Web, Mail, Databases, IP telephony.

Find out if there have been made Human configuration mistakes on your network that leads to open vulnerabilities.

Doing daily or weekly vulnerability scanning can help the IT administrator to easily find.

- Unnecessary services running wide open to the Internet.
- Outdated vulnerable software running open to be exploited.
- Unused default User accounts.
- Open Shares that leak sensitive information.
- Google Sensitive Information Leakage and in other search engines.
- Unnecessary Open ports.
- Undocumented software code on your website.
- Default passwords on devices such as ftp, mail, web, routers, IP telephones.
- Remote connection services wide open to all IPs such as SSH, Telnet.
- SQL ports wide open to exploitation.
- Third party undocumented services running that can be a risk.
- Undocumented Software backdoors.
- Outdated of vulnerable SSL Certificates.
- Web Scripts with Human errors.

Once the vulnerabilities are discovered it is very important to act on it!
This can be do by schedule the right people to do the patching, reconfiguration on the right systems.
Then follow up that the fixed got applied by doing new scans.

It also allows to see the history of earlier scans and compared month by month that the security level get higher.

It is possible to easily go back and see the past vulnerabilities and assure the management that they got resolved
by doing audits.

Another important vulnerability scanning ability is to find unknown to database special made scripts.
This is done by crawling a site like a search engine for example Google, and discover scripts that are linked to.
This can be scripts the organization employees or web agency have made them self.

There is a big chance of scripts being made by employees or web agencies to have security vulnerabilities.

Simple because the fact that typically the people writing those scripts are not security experts and only focus on to resolve
the given problem.

Scan for Zero Day Vulnerabilities

It is key to scan your network for zero day vulnerabilities so you can patch your network and close the vulnerabilities before an attacker exploits it.

The SecPoint Penetrator scanner scans for the latest CVE Vulnerabilities and will show you clear evidence if your systems are wide open to attack.

You can then eliminate the found vulnerabilities and rescan to confirm they really got removed.