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Network Security Vulnerabilities

In the current world, the numerous different network security applications that are present are ale to do a great job in order to make sure that the cyber crime hackers remain at bay.

These companies are spending large sums of money in order to secure your data and prevent attacks.

The most important aspect of this is the fact that companies are more focused on making sure that their data does not get compromised.

Since most companies run their own employee network, the vast majority of the problems generally occur in this area, hence leading to employee information being misused or trade secrets being exposed.

The term 'network security vulnerabilities' is quite common in the tech industry.

Mmainly amongst companies that are focused on building apps and other kinds of software and firmware.

Here are some of the most common network security vulnerabilities that most companies have to suffer from: 

USB Flash Drives 

Now, most people believe that since their computer is protected by a firewall, nothing can happen to hit.

However, it should be known that a firewall only prevents damage from external sources; it does not provide any protection against viruses spread from the internals of the computer.

One of the most common virus transmitters in the world at present are the USB flash drivers.

A small implant on a USB drive means that as soon as it is connected to another computer, the virus will begin to spread and cause further damage.

Laptops / Netbooks

Netbooks are small and very easy to use devices, whereas laptops are slightly bulkier.

However, either way, the most important step to keep in mind is to make sure that your laptop remains protected at all costs is to boost the security systems of laptops.

Because most laptops are quite easy to break into, all information can be exposed with minimal hassle.

Therefore, one of the major steps that companies take is to hire individuals and companies that are focused on finding out the problems and vulnerabilities within the system that another person could exploit, resulting in serious danger for the company itself.

In order to prevent the access of somebody else to the file data on your laptops, one of the simplest solutions is to encrypt the fie data and create a new, specialized explorer that is designed to navigate between the files.  

Wireless access points

The use of WIFI connectivity all over the world has increased tenth fold.

More and more people are installing WI FI systems in to their companies and their houses in order to keep in touch with all of the latest information and updates.

However, even though creating wireless access points, or WAPs for short is quite fun, it can backfire on the company significantly if the information for the WAP is known by another entity, which will allow them to monitor the traffic that is passing through that wireless access point, hence allowing them to gain access to all of the network security vulnerabilities in one go.  

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