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Penetrator S8 - 8 IP Vuln Scanning Appliance (1 Year License)

  • Scada ICS PLC Vulnerability Scan Profile.
  • Updates to schedule scan.
  • Update to SQL installation.
  • The scanner ID has been added to the information shown on the report
  • The Unit ID has been removed from the console and is no longer visible.
  • In the lists with a variable number of entries set the default count to 100.
  • On a Factory Reset, the network card files are now deleted.
  • WiFi fix: when uploading a handshake where the SSID contains blanks, the function mis-spelled the file content.
  • It could happen that the report attached to a mail was empty.
  • New charts on reports: severity distribution, average vulnerabilities per node, most frequent, top risky nodes, node count by severity.
  • The watermark INCOMPLETE for incomplete scans has been removed.
  • On a factory reset, the automatic update has been enabled by default.
  • Fixed some "not yet translated" text in the vulnerability snapshot.
  • Report: VT100 escape sequences have been removed.
  • Report: Lines too long have been split, to avoid display problems.
  • Improvement in the license activation.
  • Improvement in the scan repeat, to avoid that the new scan name contains invalid characters.
  • Popup on 32 bit to show the advantage of migrating to a 64 bit architecture.
  • Upgraded Apache, PHP, PostgreSQL to the next generation for increased performance.
  • Improvements in the text of reports.
  • Automatic cleanup on the Ticket table.


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